Hello! I've moved Mastodon accounts! The new one is on Octodon.social, please follow it here:

➡️ @impiaaa ⬅️​

I also still have an account on flagship in case things go haywire: @impiaaa


forgot how much of the fediverse m.s can see compared to d.g.s

reminder if you're still following me here for some reason that I've moved to @impiaaa

remember when Spore awarded you an achievement for getting one of your uploads taken down?

or... at least I think they're stack-allocated? Maybe since it's managed they retain a reference... somehow... :mystery:

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at least they admit somewhere that it was directly translated from C++

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dealing with this pointer-laden C# code that I mentioned is only getting worse... they're returning pointers to stack-allocated arrays! auuggh 😩

Yipes, I thought it was back when the timelines showed up, but after a reload the page is now "corrupted content (not repairable)" error

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well, good thing i have alts, dgs is kinda broken right now

hah, now that I fixed one thing (disabled and shut down dhcpcd?? NM started it back up again), another thing is broken (my main instance is down)


tv on in the background
5 masto tabs open, notifications from 3
plus twitter

it's kinda breaking my brain a bit

dark gray on m.s and botsin.space
light gray on dev.glitch and cybre.space

I don't, even

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