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Improbable Island

There now needs to be a new category of browser blocking for sites which increase CPU activity above some threshold. Apparently it's not just Salon that are doing that cryptocurrency mining scam, and this could become a more widespread hazard.

We're down while we put up some awesome shit, see you in a little while. 10, 15 minutes or so if nothing gets horribly fucked.

Gonna be some new shit on the Island tonight, after I eat some chilli. EXTREMELY DELICIOUS chilli.

My test server uses the new skin and the actual live Island looks so WEIRD and NOT GOOD in comparison

Why the fuck did I queue up all this new shit to go live one day a week, I'm impatient

Our policy on bugs is typically "BANK ERROR IN YOUR FAVOUR! OUR FUCKUP, YOUR GAIN!" so if you've already taken stuff out of your Vault only to have it refill itself, feel free to keep the erroneous extra items or gift them away to a lucky noob.

Because of a fuckup on my part, if you bought a Decade Vault and took stuff out of it today, you'll find that your Decade Vault has been refilled. Early DV's stored information about their contents on a per-player level rather than a per-item level, and this has now been corrected.

Getting ready to send out the Ten Year Distraction tomorrow night. We don't often send out mass Distractions or emails to every player, usually only every couple of years - but this is special. I can't believe I've been running this joint for an entire decade.

I write a game where a robot waiter serves you a food-like substance called a Fun Pile, and I couldn't have imagined a vehicle like this.

The lady at the rental place informed me that the Jeep's petrol hole won't open when it's cold, and that the proper solution is to wedge a credit card between the body of the car and the petrol hole flap, walk to the front of the car to hit the button, then leap back and lever the flap open with the credit card while it whines its servos.

So I pull into the petrol station, tank near empty, and press the button. It goes "Vr-VRRR-vrurrr" like it normally does, and then it goes "clunk" and doesn't open.

To gain access to the Jeep's petrol hole, you press a button beneath the steering wheel. This starts a routine involving several servo motors which click and whir and eventually pop open the petrol hole flap. In my car it's just a flap that you open with your hand.

On the way back to the body shop / car rental / insurance adjuster / all-in-one Unpleasantness Mitigation Palace, I stopped to fill up the tank on the rental Jeep. I was damn near running on fumes at this point, and when I picked up the rental it had half a tank in it, so I wanted to drop it off with the same amount.

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Apparently controversial #JavaScript take:

no honest website has a valid reason to use obfuscated JS 🤷

minified? yeah, maybe ok.
obfuscated? that's just fishy.

Still don't have my car back. Still driving the Grand Cherokee. It's still a ridiculous car for orange women who smell like boozy flowers and ask to see the manager.

7) honestly that's all, it's a very silly car but quite tolerable as a rental even if it's FAR too fancy and clever for its own good. Definitely wouldn't want to own one, but I can deal with this until my car's back.