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Improbable Island

Please don’t post screenshots of text. Depending on who is seeing it, they could be annoying, hard to read, or impossible to read.

Post links to the text or something you want to quote, and transcribe important parts into your toot.

If a screenshot is unavoidable, use the feature for describing an image with text to transcribe the important part of the text.

Thanks for making the fediverse a friendlier place for everyone. πŸ‘πŸ» #mastotips

This is probably the piece in my portfolio that I'm proudest of right now.

It was a bastard to finish (took a few weeks!) and I'm fairly certain that if I'd had to paint one more pipe or cable I'd have gone completely off my damn rocker.

Wasn't made for any reason in particular, other than I had an itch to paint a giant robot. I go a little nuts with art every now and then, and sometimes it works out 😁

#art #artoot #mastoart #artist #digitalart #robot #illustration #painting #drawing Are you an Improbable Island player?

"In perhaps the creepiest example, Facebook applied for (and received, last year) a patent for a tool called Techniques, for emotion detection and content delivery. It would use the camera in your phone to take pictures of you as you scroll through content. Facebook would then use facial analysis to measure how much you did or did not like the content in question, so as to determine what kind of stuff to send your way."

This Easter, remember that the calculation for working out what day Easter is on every year is fucking ridiculous

I've realised that some non-English-English speakers may be confused by the British reaction to Mark Zuckerberg sending other people in his place after his invitation to speak to the UK Parliament

While "you are invited to Parliament to speak on this subject" may be interpreted as "we'd like you come and talk if it's not too much bother" to some foreign ears, the phrase actually means "COME HERE RIGHT THIS SECOND YOU LITTLE SHIT AND EXPLAIN YOURSELF"

I'm trying to make a short RPG about a weird D&D monster every month. This month, we have The Bullywug Princess, a fairy tale about loathsome frogpeople, reality TV mechanics, and hidden role mechanics.


Please know that administration and moderation of an online community is a thankless, never ending job.

It can brutalize a person, few are ever thanked or appreciated and it can be a terrible source of burn out for those 'in charge'.

Please be kind to your admin/moderation team(s) and thank them now and again.

Kind words and a simple πŸ€— go a long, long way towards their continued heath.

Mastodon is NOT a panacea!

Toxic behavior DOES exit within the Federverse.


Because each instance is it's own 'dumpster'... fires tend to be contained and are vastly more manageable.

We also have a LOT OF GOOD ADMINS who work to ensure any dumpster fires are contained.

If you find your instance is a bit of a dumpster fire head over to and nose around. The are a *LOT* of well moderated instances across a range of topics.


After some months I came back to mastodon. There still is something special about this social network, something I can't exactly pin down, but I love it.

Pedestrian paths are actually quite good at reducing the car traffic. Citizens prefer walking, but only up to a certain distance. This little shortcut behind the playground eliminates a ton of cars from those apartment towers.


I might be writing a search tool for smaller instances this weekend. SO!

I'm asking for

* suggestions for names
* offers to test
* offers to advise on Python (because I don't know much Python at all)
* offers to advise on Mastodata (because I have no idea how the data of "user's toots" is requested or sent back to the requester, I'll be making crap-tacular but workable "easiest version" solutions)
* offers of your time so I can have a longer weekend to try to do this -_- aaaaaaaaaagh

How about instead of doing that, we just give good websites a fiver.

It's a difficult thing, to run a website that can support itself - the model these days is to harvest as much deeply personal information as you can about individual users and sell that information to the sort of people who get off on that kind of thing. Your political affiliations, your sexual preferences, pictures of your children. Your phone number and home address. How many times a day you shit, and for how long.

Here's where you can see what information Facebook has about you, and some - but not all - of the sociopaths they share it with:

Facebook knows a lot about me - much of which, I didn't tell it. I was surprised to see how many advertisers it had given my name and contact information.

We're ready, but it's still sad. Please keep us in your minds about half an hour from now - maybe the combined love of a few thousand Improbable Island players will help Leo die gently, maybe it won't, but it couldn't hurt.

Those who were online on the Island earlier may know that Improbable Island Official Cat Leo is currently enjoying his last hours. The vet called to say that her last appointment had overrun, so she would be late. We have maybe half an hour left, and we're all getting in some extra cuddles. The black cat here is Stewart, Leo's boyfriend and soon-to-be Improbable Island Official Cat.

There now needs to be a new category of browser blocking for sites which increase CPU activity above some threshold. Apparently it's not just Salon that are doing that cryptocurrency mining scam, and this could become a more widespread hazard.