I do wonder though about maybe putting in some kinda, like, scrapyard where people can go look at the old retired features and monsters.

Maybe with a cordoned-off CW'd area where they could see the jokes we made in 2008 that aged like a fine milkshake.

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Been adding new monsters today and taking away old crap ones.

People sometimes think my job is just to keep adding new good stuff, but if the new good stuff is swimming in crap then it's no good, game dev means taking away too

Hi, we're investigating whatever the fuck just happened

Strap On Mittens is finally live!


I just uploaded it a few minutes ago and it's not on Amazon yet or linked from my site, so Fedifolk are the first to see it.

I know it's only a short story but I write slow and this took me basically all year so I hope I sell a few copies :P

I'm giving away 20 free copies of my first furry story "Foxbutt" on Smashwords!


Use the coupon code TM67C and you can get the book in a range of formats for any ereader, computer, phone or browser.

I'm doing this via Smashwords because once you buy a book you own it, whereas Amazon can straight-up remove access to books you've bought. Also Smashwords takes a smaller cut of the retail price, so it's better for authors too.

After 11 years, Season 2 of Improbable Island is FINALLY over!

Welcome to Season 2' Champion Edition!

We're tentatively back up - we'll go down again if something breaks horribly.

Doing some modifications to the database for future mysql/php version compatibility. This isn't anything related to Arbitrary Roleplaying Stats Engine, it's just a good time to do it since we're offline right now.

Improbable Island's database is three gigabytes. Rook Trader's database is only 206kb! Rook Trader is still online if you wanna play it while Improbable Island's down for maintenance, rooktrader.com

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Starting a backup of the game's database, so we have a place to fall back to if this all goes horribly horribly wrong.

The database is automatically backed up every day anyway, but we want a backup that's minutes old.

We are now down for maintenance, which will probably take a couple of hours. Thanks for playing Season 2 of Improbable Island. :)

Reminder: we're going down for the end of Season 2 in a little while. Updates will be posted here!

K yeah, we'll do this on-demand. Server's coming back up in a few.

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Looks like it can take anywhere between half a second and four seconds per player to convert the stats over...

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This is pass 1 of approximately 20, I'm gonna add some time-tracking functionality before I do the next pass so that I can at least have an idea of how long this is gonna take.

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And we're doing them in order of when they signed up, so we've gotta grind through the older players first.

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The veteran players with lots of DKs take a couple seconds each to convert, the newer players go through pretty much instantly.

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Test server is converting and rebuilding stats into the new stat system. This is brand new and I've frankly no idea how long this'll take. :)

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