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giant squid are real but they're still like, cryptids, basically

Almost Lewd, Selfies 

oh no I accidentally wandered into AUSSIE MASTODON

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Wups I did the thing where you don't sleep or do anything and your body thinks it's daytime at 130a. F

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RT A museum in Japan spends most of its day refusing entry to 2 cats trying to get in

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a writhing sea of leftists climbing over eachother screaming "thank you" in agony to a weeping bus driver

we should have a yearly festival called “burning men” which would be like burning man but cheaper and with real men

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ok, i know we're big fans of transit, libraries, and all that jazz here

but (speaking of jazz) let's add public radio to that list!

public radio is an incredible public good, and we should take back our ad-polluted airwaves to expand it

(if you're in portland like me, you have a wonderful, ad-free, public jazz station available at 89.1 FM or streaming at

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The birds near the Cathedral of Learning are making a huge fuss about something.

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You know the burnout is real when the internal screams turn external. 😀

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the difference between boosting someone's toot and interlacing your fingers to boost your friend over a chain link fence is nothing

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i love to POST online

Ponder life itself
Original thought
Synthesise content

Golf is bad make it illegal

Bad use of land resources

No community benefit (tax breaks)

Rich people

It'd make rich people mad if we did it, that'd be cool

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