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I think that @lain and I are officially fighting. If I mysteriously disappear, you know I’ve been gang attacked again.

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I have this idea that I don’t matter and the only thing that matters is whether the world is getting better. I guess it’s true, but if everyone thought this way, maybe less good things would happen

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Isn’t freedom overrated, say, when compared to solving global issues?

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@lain I’m sorry for everything I said the other day. It’s wrong to hurt people like that

Well, Fedi, we had a good run but it’s time to go

I’ve noticed Americans are starting to become pessimistic about their country

It’s possible that Pleroma attracts a certain kind of person but if I’ve learned anything, it’s that I’m different from people my age

I don’t understand why it’s so fashionable on the Internet to hate everything. If you really think everything is so shit, do something to make the world better instead of circle jerking

Elon Musk coming out with Aspergers is really inspiring. It gives people like me hope that they can still do useful things despite personal difficulties

Lain is a narcissist. There are a lot of narcissistic personalities here, actually. I guess it’s quite a widespread public health issue these days

If we weren’t friends, what was I to you? Entertainment?

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You know I have mental problems. Why would you make my life more difficult than it is? I wish you had never come into my life

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Friends care about each other, which means we were never friends. That hurts a lot

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You don’t care for me anymore. I know that because you can’t even find it in yourself to tell me that whatever friendship we had is over. Maybe you never cared for me in the first place

@lain what’s the point in me continuing? I’m not a part of anything

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@lain i remember one of the first nights we spoke, you said to leave now or be prepared to live this way. Well I chose to ride or die, but you’re the one slamming the breaks

This is like Twitter but more pessimistic and it crashes my phone

Ughhh, now I’m left with the rest of the site. What is this trash?

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