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Current conclusion:
- won't participate in sexual dynamics for a while
- sexuality is more important than people think
- be open to the possibility that I'm wrong and increasing sex appeal won't lead to fulfilment

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I wonder whether the Fediverse would be more successful if it were kept pornography free.

Listened to this song less than 10 times before I recorded it. Chemtrails over the country club.

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Inspired by historical events and characters, Pleroma was designed, developed, and produced by a multicultural team of various beliefs, sexual orientations and gender identities.

I will accept no less in a man's love than how Viktor Frankl loved his wife. Of course it's possible I don't deserve it, but I can't see why not.

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Recorded 'young and beautiful' with a shitty mic and it sounds so much better with a shitty mic

Here's a video of me singing with my old band. This was years and years ago. The reason why I sound worse now on my profile is because it's really hard to sound good with proper high tech recording equipment :blobugh:

> Listens to sad album
Get over it. It's just a man. Oh...

My parents never stop putting in work so that I can have an easier life. As I get older, I don't want to build what they have. I think I want to experience minimal stress and that's definitely not how they've lived, rising from communist Chinese poverty to the upper middle class of Australia. It's too bad they and other people gave me deep psychological issues from a young age. I can really see what my parents envisioned for me now and I feel bad that I can't deliver, but it's not my fault.

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@imurcultleader One only truly appreciates their loved ones after they're gone. Its never too late to realize their importance and cherish their presence in your life. Family is Forever.

Imagine being a marriage counsellor or something. These people are saints.

I studied a law degree for four years and my god, that is enough to change you.

Re: science of cheating
That's it. I officially resent humans

> Despite tons of research, infidelity’s true prevalence remains a mystery.

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> Infidelity is associated with several personality traits: loneliness, extroversion, anxiety, depression, moodiness, narcissism, openness to new experiences, frequent use of alcohol, a history of child sexual abuse, and knowledge that one or both of one’s parents had been unfaithful. Traits associated with monogamy include conscientiousness and regular religious observance.

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