My mum has been really helpful these last couple of days. My dad has been telling me off, even when I was drunk and it was really unhelpful but I know he’s just worried and doesn’t always know what to do. I realised how much they love me.


Friendships are overrated. If you don’t maintain a friendship, the other person will come and go, but family is forever. For half of my life, I had a really rocky relationship with my family and I really feel for people who have been through something with their family that they can’t heal from. It’s really hard to be in the world alone like that. Because that’s what I was, retrospectively, even when I was surrounded by friends, sad and alone.

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That being said, sometimes friendships can be a life saver. Maybe I just need to appreciate temporary beauty more. It’s just not my thing.

@imurcultleader One only truly appreciates their loved ones after they're gone. Its never too late to realize their importance and cherish their presence in your life. Family is Forever.

@Awake It must be really difficult to live without the people who have been part of you for your whole life. Thanks for inspiring me to be more grateful.

@imurcultleader I live with that burden every day. I hope and pray that nobody has to endure such pain!

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