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I hate it.

I hate having to leave a coworker in a shitty situation because of a shitty manager's fault.

I just feel like she's having to pay the price because I was too weak...



I- I'm not a terrible person, right?

Typhlosion Acrylic painting I did for me and my boyfriend's anniversary :)

"But Tess, how hard could that be? Everyone on here is queer, kinky, and/or has mental health issues."

Yes. On here. Not in Michiana.

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I need somebody.
Not just anybody.

"Tess, why are you randomly posting Beatles lyrics?"

Lyrics to what now? I was just talking about how I need a roommate, but I can't just go through more conventional avenues for finding one due being queer, kinky as a lifestyle, and having numerous mental health issues.

ancient greeks thought egyptians were weird for worshipping animal-headed gods, but they themselves were into animal hybrids as long as they either had human faces (centaur, satyr, sphinx) or went full feral in the end (io, lycaeon, actaeon)

thesis: egyptians were the first furries, greeks were the first non-furry TF fetishists

"bisexuals are just confused" statement partially true. but i'm not confused about my sexuality i just don't understand algebra

There are currently four pillows on my bed right now. One that's super soft and airy that I use as the main pillow to rest my head on (though I often need to flip it around and fluff it 'cause it deforms quickly), one thin and firm pillow that I switch to throughout the night (I've had this pillow my whole life, and it's still quite comforting despite its age), a fuzzy body pillow that I wrap around and hug so I can better sleep on my side (I got this one from my best friend 💙), and me. :3

Weh, mornings suck.

All the people I normally lewd with aren't awake yet.

Wanted to work on game stuff without delving into any code so I worked on designing some knight enemies. is a pastel pink, fluffy dragon with a rainbow tail that's a broody emo girl.

I'm a black cat with fiery red hair and dark eyes who's happy-go-lucky, and supportive near to the point of being a cheerleader.



Pitch: self-driving cars but they're on rails and carry hundreds of people and have an operator and they're called "trains" instead.


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