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Furry Throw Pillow @indecisivetwat@mastodon.social

*sips on her hot leaf juice and tries to math*

That's enough maths for today.

Time to slep.

Adopt 👏🏼adult 👏🏼black👏🏼cats👏🏼

I just want to be a good girl for my Queen ;///;

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@arisunz @indecisivetwat I'm surrounded by nyassholes. Keep snuggling, nyassholes!

I am pet'd.

I hav become the good catte.

No matter how many times we hear someone at work say "drag and drop", we always hear it as "dragon drop".

Beware of gays.

Don't be afraid, just be aware of them.

They appreciate your time and attention.


Anyone at all?

...Just me then?

Would anyone really mind if I use the collision detection from the Oracle games in what is supposed to be an homage to Link's Awakening? 🤔

*stomps around, unintelligibly rambling something about collision masks*

Oh hey, Lumines is coming to Switch. Neat.