When one of your employees straight up says they need to go to docs tomorrow but they'll work in the waiting room...

Jeez, what is the world coming to that people feel the need to work while doing something medical?!

Running a distraction blocker app on my pc today.

I never realized how often I just absent mindedly clicked to open twitter or YouTube.

Onboarded a new employee last couple days.

Junior dev who was finding it hard to find a role, their non dev experience caught my eye and decided they might be what we were looking for.

Turns out yep. Exactly what we were looking for.

Very fulfilling day.

You really have no idea how much you know until you need to train someone else up on that thing.

Spent the last two hours talking about Angular.

For those of you who know me really well you probably remember my top hat that I wore everywhere.

Finally going to be getting a new one after being without for 7 years.

Best thing about the federated global timeline? Seeing so many different languages.

Twitter curates so much you miss out on the multicultural content.

Made fresh chinese egg noodles for the first time ever. Surprisingly easy, but required more cooking time.

Tasty, springy, chewy but a little dense.

A lot of folks wonder "How do I get verified in the Fediverse? How can I protect myself from identity theft?"

While there's no Verification body, you can SELF verify by embedding a 'rel="me"' attributed linkback on a site that you own! #FediTips

Also some folks might be like "Ted! You added :ditto: as an emoji! Now you have to add all other Pokemon!"

But nope, already did. Because check out this awesome Vaporeon: :ditto:

Advice to new people from Twitter 

There have been many waves of exodus from Twitter. When new people arrive they often bring with them their larger-than-life Twitter persona with them. I understand what that's all about, because it's how Twitter trains people to behave if they want to be seen and engage with their audience and so that the timeline algorithm works in their favour.

But here in the fediverse you don't need to put on a big performance. You can be more authentic, and just hang out with friends. Edginess which would be rewarded by the algorithm on Twitter tends to be discouraged here, and might even get you blocked.

Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.

Suggestions for a mastodon community for a non-game dev developer who love game dev and art?

Example code: "you send the binary data like so"
*Stream of undocumented bytes*

Me: Ok, but why?

Example code: "you just do"

Me: *spends 3 hours reading documentation on a chips binary protocol to write commands about what each byte sent means*

I'm upset...

This reddit comment is the most popular thing I've ever said on the internet.

Mastodn feels a lot like my early days on twitter. More meaningful engagment.

Thinking about setting up a software gas lighting support group... for everyone who has a bug that exists until observed.

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