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@individual_ae2eca marxists.org/history/france/cg
if you have any question (it's short and the interesting part is in the logical implications and logical prerequisites) I have time ^^

The more I read about the movement, in its history and it's , the more I am agreeing with the sentiment that will be free, or it will not be at all.

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The Cabal
There is a conspiracy of history

Of reality and simplicity

Of inertia and exertion

It traps you with the constructed assertion

Of being shut in and in a rut

That it’s clear-cut that you’re a wing-nut

It tells you that you are engaging in sophistry

It’s lying

It’s lying

Don’t listen to it

It’s lying

Devour the bitter false misery

And engage yourself in mystery


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Ontario politics, Elon Musk 

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i disagree with some comrades: always curate your stuff for your own level of comfort. Don't let anyone pressure you into doing something you arent comfortable with.

Good morning, friends. How's the world doing today?

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You can feel it in your bones

Cresting a wave, riding on top of the ocean

You know that when you look down

That’s where you’ll be soon

You can’t stop it any more than you could gravity

So carpe diem

Grab the bull by the horns

Other such cliches

It’s going to be a trip.

#poetry #depression

So I guess Mastodon is cresting over 200,000 on this instance tomorrow at some point. That's pretty cool. I also see some of the people whom I follow on twitter making the leap, which is also cool.

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I Can't Believe My Open-Source Nazi-Free Anti-TERF Twitter Is This Cute

Probably Anarchist. I mean, I shift tendencies all the time like it was a religious obligation.

Tough day at work, fun with friends afterwards. Pretty much everything my little anarchist heart wants.

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@individual_ae2eca @Saederup92 He decided that everyone will get along if they randomly see "other opinions" in their feeds. So now nazis will just randomly be informed about you.

I love how Stellaris just absolutely changes the entire core of the game with every major update. Love that game!

I can't believe the conservative take on facebook on this whole Saudi spat Canada has is to quibble over the definition of what exactly crucifixion means

*carefully eyes User count Bot* What in the world happened???

A man (and it is almost always a man) collects a room full of gold by eating the weak. By this room full of gold he purchases a descriptor called wealth. With this descriptor of wealth, he buys people to call him powerful, and then eats them as well. With this power he accumulates another room full of gold, and a heavy boot. He has built an engine that eats people and shits gold, and power is it's exhaust. In this world we call him a hero.

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Do you know about Josh White? He was a black folk singer, a civil rights leader, a friend of FDRs, and a socialist leaning leftist.

He was one of the most popular recording artists of the 1940s, and he died nearly penniless as the result of a campaign to ruin him during the red scare.

We owe it to the people that came before us, who were ruined by our government for their views, to celebrate their message, and salvage their legacy. We owe it to them to secure their place in history.

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