[Event] Block ICE in San Francisco
Monday, July 2, 3pm
Nonviolent Direct Action training
Sunday, July 1st, 2-5pm


Protester numbers growing, beginning to fill street. Sound system up, bumping righteous tunes. @nlgsf@twitter.com is here, as are federal police. Right-winger scrawls pro-Trump graffiti on perimeter.

It's officially a block party with banner across Washington at Battery in San Francisco. A couple of hundred demonstrators here now, and growing.

Speaker gives shout out to occupation in San Diego today, leads abolish ICE and police chant. @occupyicesd@twitter.com

Speaker addresses Jeff Sessions' and federal attacks on and other recently passed California laws intended to increase transparency and protect immigrants.

American is 5% of the world's population and jails 25%. We need to create a system where our freedom is not rooted in the oppression of others.

Folks in white jumpsuits seeing up permanent blockade of door. Organizers asked for no photos until completed.

Oil drums filled with concrete, chain link and barbed wire in front of US Citizenship and Immigration Services building in San Francisco.

Arms locked full length of building. ICE is blocked.

ICE is blocking us, so we're gonna block ICE. Rise up!

This guy was livestreaming and provoking folks. Got pushed off and police rushed up to escort him away. Wearing white t-shirt now, with small black pack.

Fresh-made concrete is drying in oil drums now. Who knows how much they each weigh, filled to the brim with concrete mix from a dozen or more orange five gallon buckets and a couple of large water bottles. Maybe coulda used a bit more water.

Protesters high five everyone else who surrounded the building as the line folds back into a crowd on Washington Street again.

Closing remarks encourage everyone to stay involved, donate to support detained immigrants and those facing deportation. Keep fighting every day.

This action will continue... Occupation happening. Tents have gone up in front of metal gate. Occupiers asking for more folks to take a stand with them. Bring tents, food, water, toiletries to CIS building on Washington St in San Francisco.


Occupiers have fortified by moving concrete-filled drums and barbed wire fencing from yesterday to block gate at US CIS building in San Francisco

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Press conference with @CatsCommentary@twitter.com corrects misinformation that employee in building gave immigrants this morning, that their hearings were canceled due to occupation outside. Occupiers blocking buses, not hearings.

According to the Executive Office of Immigration Review that schedules hearings, some cancellations are not out of the ordinary. And most hearings here are by Skype for immigrants locked up in Richmond, Bakersfield, etc. Appears CIS employee was stirring up trouble with disinfo.

Video of press conference by @APTPaction@twitter.com includes two occupiers speaking out about why they are here. Say 30-40 folks present last night.


has grown into a full fledged occupation covering an entire block of Washington St in front of the US Citizenship & Immigration Services building with barricades on Sansome and Battery. @occupyicesf@twitter.com

For coverage from Saturday's rally, see @occupyicesf@twitter.com, @OccupyOakland@twitter.com, @alloutbay@twitter.com, @APTPaction@twitter.com, and @TKOakWWP@twitter.com.

Police across the street from Battery barricade periodically warn on loudspeaker about violation of California Penal Code 647(e), lodging without permission of owner.

Over thirty tents up, some sleep now while others keep watch for SFPD movement. Panorama shot from inside occupation.

No Gods. No Masters. Abolish Borders banner strung over Washington Street.

Occupation happening just down the street from the Transamerica building.

Erin Smith, Matthew Prewett warnings on Sansome barricade.

Relatively quiet night at , other than intermittent interruptions by SFPD loudspeaker.

Relatively quiet night at , other than intermittent interruptions by SFPD loudspeaker. Still dark to the west as the first light of day is coming up over the East Bay.

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