I am going to need a Mac app to keep on using this, I think.

I mean, the website's nice… but it's a website.

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@inferis I'm tempted to start writing one that uses the Mac menubar. Would be very nice... 🤔

@inferis time to start writing one I guess ;)

the API very nice to work with

@inferis I run the website inside a Fluid app. Seems to be tolerable.

@jeffmc Yeah, I've heard other people do that too. It's still glorified website, though.

@inferis @jeffmc totally agree. That said, it's a damn fine website tho, super usable.

@breeno @inferis @jeffmc What, you guys don’t own iPhones?

Who needs social media on a Mac? ;)

@KevinHoctor @breeno @inferis now, I see that tooting at 6:30 AM with no glasses or coffee is an exercise in mistakes.

I meant an Emacs elc so I can toot with Emacs.

... as he pushes the coffee grinder button...

@inferis But it has columns! Lots and lots of columns.

Maybe it's like a Twitter Parthenon?

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