This amateur radio website explains how to use the free AGWPE utility program to send and receive packet data using the sound card of your PC. Note that AGWPE is a Windows-only program.

Castle Game Engine
Cross-platform (desktop, mobile, console) 3D and 2D game engine supporting many asset formats (glTF, X3D, Spine...) and using modern Object Pascal

Today we celebrate the launch date of CD-i: It was first released in USA on October 15, 1991. Which means today CD-i officially exists for 29 years excluding the development time before the official release. The first player that was released was the CD-i 910 player in USA.

Playing CD-i titles via RetroPie on a Raspberry Pi, it seems like a future project, but it is really possible. The MVGS4 mini console even takes this one step further: They created a homemade PCB to convert a CD-i controller into a universal signal which works on the Raspberry Pi as well: Now you can play CD-i titles with the original CD-i controller on RetroPie. Of course this was not exclusively done for CD-i but the MVGS project covers many other game console controllers.

"We’re very pleased to announce the immediate availability of RISC OS for the Raspberry First released in 1987, its origins can be traced back to the original team that developed the ARM microprocessor. is owned by Ltd, and maintained by RISC OS Open Ltd. This version is made available as of charge to Raspberry Pi users."

Inside on the clock side is an Uno with a ArduiNIX Nixie Tube Driver shield + Nixie tubes. On the gaming side is your usually running distro. Controllers are style usb controllers, and a RGB led provides mood setting. This is all wrapped in a lovely custom wood enclosure painted to look like a real NES. He’s even put real NES start / reset buttons in there.

I used to collect . One of them that stood out was this clunky portable . It took 8 double As and had the worst screen surface imaginable. Dust would practically scratch it! I however loved it, it had very loud sound and was so bright your eyes would kill you after a few sessions with it!

Pueblo/UE is a multimedia (MU*) client for Windows . You can also use it as a regular Telnet client for line-based applications.

PNG/MNG/JNG images
Image placeholders displayed until the actual image loads
Better support
Support for MCCP
Registration as handler for telnet:// URLs
Mouse-wheel scrolling
Automatic detection of upgrades

Hisense has just unveiled new that has a single screen Carta HD that is 5.8 inches. You will be able to adjust the screen brightness with the built in front-lit system, but it does not have amber lights. Underneath the hood is a Qualcomm 660 Octa-core processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage. You will be able to snap pictures via the 13MP rear facing camera. It is powered by a giant 4000mAh battery, which should provide 10 days of constant use.


Fun little desktop toy and certainly more than meets the eye! It even has a interpreter so you can enjoy away and looking super #1337 ! It also has a glorious

​Network Radios are a relatively new type of 2-way PTT (Push To Talk) Radio Communications Equipment that make use of existing electronic components.

Most currently available Network Radios use the Android Operating System allowing easy installation and use of many Android Applications including 2-way simplex communications APPs such as Zello PTT that provides users with easy to operate Global simplex communications.


Infonomicon Computer Club is a premier hacking organization, comprising over a dozen people from across the United States. Once called Infonomicon Media, a majority of the group members produce hacker-related webcasts, including both podcasts and TV webcasts.

There has been little "mainstream" attention to the Club as of 2007, but its episodes and member sites have been mentioned often in other hacker-related broadcasts such as by Binary Revolution Radio and Hak5.

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