Holy shit @SwiftOnSecurity is here too. I think she's stalking me... HALP

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Barry Manilow finally coming out of the closet at 73 has got to be the biggest, "no shit, Sherlock" moment of the 21st Century.

My life is a content warning 

sexually deprived narcoleptic reporting for duty

OH NO!!!! I CAN'T USE THIS!!!! They spell "favorites" with a *U* GASP

Well at least I can speak my mind on here for awhile. No customers or people I work with yet I bet.

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I realized one of the things I really like about this site is that POTUS isn't on here.

Need to find/write something to import all of my lists from twitter

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Okay, with another influx of new people, here is again my article "Welcome to Mastodon: Here is what's different and why it's better" medium.com/@Gargron/welcome-to (I am working on a better in-UI onboarding process)


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