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Several updates have been made in jitsi -

1. A jitsi server is only as good as the host.

2. Lately many servers are overloaded.

3. There is more than one host for jitsi

List of servers:

we can also contribute to making jitsi better -

Another server I am looking at is BigBlueButton -

I am just not good at standing in line to ask a Corporation to fix things and be nice to me.

Everytime I see pictures of empty streets during this exceptional time, it feels like I'm watching a scene from the movie "I am legend" with Will Smith. Kinda beautiful and scary

To all those that still think #Covid19 might not be that big a thing. Hereโ€™s the death toll of Covid19 compared to SARS and H1N1. Sorted by days since outbreak. #StayAtHome๐Ÿก #WashYourHands๐Ÿงผ #WearAMask๐Ÿ˜ท Source:

WFH Day 14. Ensure to take scheduled breaks to get away from your desk and get your body moving. Although this seems to be common sense, al lot of folks skip it. So, use you calendar and schedule breaks.

If you WFH and you feel that there is not enough noise and you own either an Alexa or Google Home you can ask them to play ambient noises of all kinds

Cleaned up my desk drawer today and found this odd couple of memory cards from a distant past. Everything was still measured in MB! Nowadays my camera produces a raw file of 50MB per image. That huge flash card would save 1 image! How times have changed.

Watching Anthony Bourdains "Parts Unknown" and he buys some weed at the dispensary with the name "Alaskan Thunderfuck" ROFL I don't know why I had to laugh so hard

Person: Do you enjoy this Media Thing?

Me: No, I have heard about it (a lot) and it doesn't interest me.

Person: OK well in Media Thing this stuff happens that requires me to describe the background in detail

Me: ...

Whats up Mastodon. My name is Riley and I specialize in pixel art


All y'all saw this?:

Spaced-repetition system (#SRS) flashcard magic for #programming knowledge (#JavaScript, #regexp, #TypeScript) by Gary Bernhardt, who says โ€œIt's descended from a (Japanese) language learning SRS system that I first prototyped on a flight to Japan some time in 2016โ€ (

I know the SRS-meister Piotr Wozniak's goal was to never forget anything he learned, but you know, if I stop doing JS, I'd like to forget the `.splice` APIโ€ฆ

Iโ€™m not exactly sure how I managed to get to using with without even understanding classes. Oh well, time to learn about OOP now I guess.

Halfway through my tutorial... I am starting to like it! :)

I'm so disappointed about an amazon seller right now. I had a 6TB HGST hard drive replaced by them since it was still under warranty when the drive failed. Since the process took some time I've bought a another drive in the meantime. Yesterday, after nearly 6 months of having the replacement drive on my desk I wanted to use it to replace another failing hard drive. I discovered that the drive they send me had nearly 33000hrs and ~850 sector failures and my NAS declined this drive. WTH

I order coffee for here and get coffee to go. I'm really annoyed by that, because it's a waste of resources (paper cup) but my food comes on a ceramic plate. I guess my pronouciation of "for here" and "to go" sounds too similar. Or they cashier doesn't even care at all

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