« That $35 that scientific journals charge you to read a paper goes 100% to the publisher, 0% to the authors. If you just email us to ask for our papers, we are allowed to send them to you for free, and we will be genuinely delighted to do so. »

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@ingram Quite true, and you know I don't mind giving the publishers *something* but there's even more to it... Many publications ask for a fee to submit. And, they ask the scientists to "peer review" if they get a paper accepted. Peer review is not paid by the publisher, if it's paid for, it's paid because the institution the scientist works at pays for that time...

But yeah I'd rather see scientists get a good portion of these fees. Considering some of them are much higher than $35.00

@JigmeDatse I've always had to do peer review in my own time. I haven't worked for an institution, but for companies. It was ok while I was still a student, but now I am very selective. I will NOT review for for-profit journals. It was even more time consuming when I was an associate editor. At least it counted as CPD for my ongoing engineering registration.

@ingram My understanding is it is pretty rare for anyone to get anything for peer review except whatever strange currency something like "exposure" the publishers think the scientists "need".

@JigmeDatse The journal I edited for produced an annual list of reviewers and number of reviews. Hopefully some could use it to show their engagement with publishing. Probably of more use to people in academia.

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