I'm surprised that there isn't a whole-of-country bush fire alert map produced by the government. So I've made my own, using state and territory alert feeds, using R to collect the data and generate the map. So sad to see the country on fire.

@ingram nicely done, thanks for that. Do you have a link to a regularly updated map? And / or do you have the R code published somewhere? I’d love to have a sticky beak if that’s ok! :)

@stragu @ingram There's a link to something like what you want here:

Make sure to read the legend because it's not what you're likely to be expecting.

@stragu sorry for belated reply. Mastodon fell off my radar. I've uploaded the code to Gitlab with a CC licence.

@ingram no problem at all David, and thank you for the link and the licence! I appreciate it :)

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