Why is everyone talking about #Windows 11 these days? We are waiting for the free #Debian 11 instead! Who too?

We'd like to take the opportunity to thank all the Debian contributors for their work in the past and on the upcoming #Bullseye release. Thank you for reliably powering Codeberg since day one!

Do you know "spot"? 🔎
Spot is the /e/ web search engine that preserves your privacy while being highly customizable.
We have improved it a lot lately, deployed on a new infrastructure and is now way faster! 🐎🚀


Hello v0.11.0!

We're 3 years old today and to celebrate we shipped a new version. 🥳

- Autocomplete Support
- Creative Commons Licenses
- Network Timeline
- Admin config settings
- Profile pronouns
- New admin dashboard layout
- Fresh about page layout
- Instance Rules
- New Home Timeline

Now available!


Asked some friends to use Pixelfed, they didn't know who to follow.

Empty timelines is not good for onboarding or new user experience.

Adding Suggested Posts to an empty timeline will encourage users to discover and engage with content without having to follow someone.

I feel incredibly blessed that Pixelfed has grown so much over the past year.

Total users, posts and active users have doubled, and our project is among the top 5 most popular.

Though we haven’t had our viral moment like Mastodon or PeerTube, I’m confident that when we do, we’ll be ready.

I look forward to the next 3 years and beyond! 😁

one step closer to a working Matrix client: Fractal-next now sends text messages 😎

after working for months on ensuring gtk4 has nice and usable rust bindings i have spent today making sure docs are a bit better and still have few things to clean up before a release. Overall: I'm happy now.

Codeberg.org has been updated to gitea-1.14. Read more about new features and improvements on blog.codeberg.org/introducing-

A great Thank You to all involved, and to the wonderful gitea developer and maintainer team!

I'm currently rewriting Fragments in Rust with a completely new network-oriented architecture.

To follow the development, it's the perfect time to join the Matrix room!


@polarhive Thanks for this all around guide on how to use Codeberg pages. 👍 I think @codeberg community would be happy to see this.

Lemmy - An open source decentralised alternative to Reddit

Lemmy is a link aggregator for the fediverse. It provides similar functionality to Reddit but you can host your own instances and federate with other Lemmy instances. It uses the ActivityPub protocol but is not yet federating outside of Lemmy instances. In this video I give some background and take you on a tour of the user interface and features.
Watch my video at Lemmy - An open source decentralised alternative to Reddit
#technology #opensource #lemmy #alternativeto #reddit
youtu.be/5axSUJj0bBY squeet.me/objects/962c3e10eca5

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