Creo que tenemos un concepto de "periodismo independiente" bastante diferente...

Geary 43 branched, will be released in one or two weeks:
- Support for auto configuration (like Thunderbird)
- Reworked move/copy popover
- Fix an issue not marking all messages on server
- Fix "running in background" support
- More images loading options
- Fix contacts completion

@StartpageSearch I recently switched from Google to Startpage as my main search engine. A lot better than DuckDuckGo ever was, and you seem to get your results from Google (which have always been the best results for me), while keeping it proxied/anonymous/private.

#Budismoa erlijio (humanista) bat da eta #kapitalismoa ideologia bat? Bai? Zergatik?

Yuval Noah Hararik bere "Sapiens" liburuan, gizadiaren ikuspegi historiko batetik begiratuta, erlijioen eta ideologien arteko banaketa ariketa semantiko hutsa dela dio.

#Komunismoa​ri buruz ondokoa dio:

CSS Backdrop Filter (e.g. blur-behind, used a lot by Apple) was added to Firefox 103. I totally missed it!

You should ensure your design works without it for accessibility reasons, but it’s a nice-to-have if you’re trying to go for a certain aesthetic.

A new issue of is now online!

New information about GNOME Shell mobile, a new GTK release, GNOME Circle updates - and a lot of app releases!

#60 Demo Day

✨ Android + Pixelfed

We haven't forgot about Android users!

We're putting the finishing touches on our app before the iOS beta release and will do our best to release the android version as soon as possible!

Made a lot of progress last week on the !

- Stories
- Direct Messages
- Tab navigation

This week I'll be polishing and preparing the TestFlight beta

Playing with Jonas' latest WIP mobile shell branch. It's honestly more fluid than my Android phone with Lineage, super impressive given the much weaker hardware ✨️

Left: China's national budget

Right: the US's national budget.

The U.S. spends nearly ten times more on its military and fifty percent less on education than China.

That moment when a completely private (as in, 0% State owned, not as in doesn't sell shares) train company are allowed to have their own police force.

tor's design team is amazing, look at this cute little robot!!!

Ferris and their buds having a crab rave! 🦀🥳
📸 GoodJanet over on our Discord

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