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If you can relate you don't judge. And there is the problem.

Can't remember where i found this picture. But dinosaurs apparently thrieved in colder climates to.

(Will post credit if I remember....)

White magpie chics.

Ornithologist Alv Ottar Folkestad, says that the white color is due to what is called leukism, ie a congenital condition in animals that leads to reduced pigmentation. The animal thus becomes lighter and can often be partially or completely white.

- Before it was called albino, but then the bird usually has a total lack of dye, but in most cases now we see that there is pigmentation on the beak and on the legs.

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Happy Pride Month, Fediverse!

Let's celebrate love in all its forms and renew our commitment to the fight for equality for all. #PrideMonth

And now this guy... 😅
And he's not sure why he drives around like this. Cops says they see a lot of weird stuff but this kind of takes the cake. 😂

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Do we need Big Tech for video streaming?

Tomorrow at this time (5PM Irish), join us live on Small is Beautiful to talk about video streaming the Small Tech way with special guests @gabek (Owncast) & @heydon (Webbed Briefs)

I'm doing some research for a drawing. Found this. 👍 😆

-> In Da Car is project of two Russian photographers, Eugene Yarysheva and Ashot Gevorgyan.

And my noecities page is "finished" to, or its kind of finished for the text kind of. :scremcat:

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For I while I jabbered all the time about FOSS to people. People really did not care to much so I stopped. So I wrote this "as short possible" text which tries to as simple as possible for anybody to understand. The response has not been through the roof this time neither. hehe but anyways. This is the text.

If anybody has any thoughts, something that could be better, something in my english translation which is not my first language. Any feedbacks welcome!

I'm on my feet most of the day, but I'm wasting so much time, walking circles around myself, staring into the empty air... :pika:

It is strange how stuff that takes three minutes gets put off because it is so boring it feels like its going to take forever.

A small update on the cherry tree I planted a bit late last year. The top is a bit dead, but no worries it survived winter fine! 💚 Going straighten it a bit an tidy up around it soon.

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8th of may. Norways liberation day. 🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

Maurice Denise (1870-1943)
Avril (Les anémones), 1891
Oil on canvas
65x78 cm.

And now, this little guy; blissfully: "I'm very good, fine here in the soil... no worries."

Vv is for vinter, vann (winter, water). It's winter carrots and they've been soaked in water over night before they went in today. :blobcat:

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