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This wikipedia article about critical-data-studies could use a lot of TLC. I couldn't believe that it didn't even mention boyd & Crawford's Critical Questions for Big Data.


Still it's cool to see that it was started by a student in a class at Clarleton University.


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@inkdroid Problem is, DDG is still a US company, so gag orders, secret courts, warrantless surveillance still applies. I recommend looking into Qwant which is EU based and EU Privacy Laws apply (including coming soon EUGDPR). Has something like bangs too ;)

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"And then one day, a revelation: It occurred to me that it was no longer just difficult to hear all the music I’d amassed, but impossible. I mean literally, mathematically impossible: I calculated that if I lived another, say, 40 years, and spent every minute of those next 40 years — that's no sleeping, no eating — listening to my collection of music, I would be dead before I could make it all the way through." - James Jackson Toth


But back to the post and the discussion: Google search is a key information resource, and these are the elite of the IT profession talking like SEO spin doctors (or cryptically e.g. ****google) about what they think might be going on. The discourse itself is telling.

It kind of makes me wonder/worry if PageRank is now so complex and in motion that they don't have the tools/methods to actually answer Tim Bray's question.

I'm not sure about the jump from "my site isn't in Google but it's in DuckDuckGo ∴ DuckDuckGo indexes more of the Web" ... but this is definitely an interesting post and discussion about the blackbox of PageRank:


I've been using DDG as my default search engine for a year now, but will still occasionally !g to find something. It has given me a much better feel for the web. bang commands in particular have made me appreciate site specific searches much more.

I enjoyed reading a whole book about deleting things, and what it means for memory. It gave me some ideas so I wrote down some notes here: inkdroid.org/2018/01/15/delete

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We have plenty of "how-to's", but I see a distinct lack of "why-for's". It's very good to know *how* to do something, but I think it's equally important to know *why* to do something.

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I dreamed I had something really important to say but no paper, just a drill and some bolts, so I etched the words in tiny print on the bolts and then bolted them into the wall of an attic room where I was staying. Then I realized it wasn't my wall so I removed the bolts and stored them and covered the wall with some decorative cloth.

My top 3 artists this week: Colleen (16), øjeRum (16), Lee Yi & Meneh Peh (5)

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This looks like an interesting looking conference on forensics & the web.


Has anyone been to 360/OS before or had any experience with them?

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If you want to be part of the team, consider applying for the new backend developer position with Webrecorder: rhizome.org/editorial/2017/dec

Deadline January 16!!

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A net art organization starts doing web archiving. You won't believe what happened next: