I think that my travelling around new mexico and then up to chicago made me completely miss the entire history of mastodons trending thing.

Why are we trying to do trending stuff? Can we work a bit more on anti-harassment things first?

Like expanding the joinmastodon page to include anti-harassment instances instead of explicitly excluding them? That seems like a useful thing to do.


Also, in terms of anti-harassment and personal protection type improvements, maybe implement instance only messages?

Give some middle ground between being on a completely private instance that doesn't talk to everyone and having to let everyone in and not having any meaningful privacy.

That would be nice to have and would make being on one instance instead of another much more meaningful. You know, the whole 'fostering your own community' thing that mastodon is supposed to help with.

I understand that coding takes time and effort, and priority goes to what the volunteers want to make, but it is a bit disingenuous to claim that mastodon is explicitly anti-harassment when basic anti-harassment improvements are ignored in favour of things like trending stuff.
People should make what they want to make, but don't claim mastodon is something it isn't.

"Better than Twitter" is a low bar. It is like how I haven't murdered anyone today. That doesn't give me bragging rights, it is the part of the minimum requirements to not be a bad person.
Being a good person (or organisation, or software) is a moving target and takes continuous effort.

@inmysocks some kind of @\here or @\instance or whatever thing would be hecking fantastic

@swizzard oh, that is a good idea. I was just thinking something like setting it to private but it doesn't go past your home server. I think they both would be good to have.

@swizzard @inmysocks Posts that are something like “followers and local TL only” would be a very nice way to encourage instances to develop unique communities.

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