luckily I have 4 other motor drivers I can use and they are about 2 euros to replace if I run out.

But yeah, don't get power and ground backwards on your motor drivers, particularly not when using mains power.

It is mains power through a converter. I don't have a 2 euro driver that can handle 220V

@inmysocks power and (signal) ground on the control signal to your driver or 230V? How is this setup arranged?

Normally in Europe you should always assume (unless whole thing is hardwired to breaker *either* cable of a 230V feed may carry voltage above earth irrespective of blue or brown as mains plugs in many countries (other than UK) can be inserted either way round, only green/yellow is definitely a protective earth. If you are originally from USA treat it like 220V connection over there.

@vfrmedia it was through a power brick that output 24v@9A, so not really mains power, but much more than a battery.

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