The UK is going to try blocking minors from seeing porn on the internet. It is going to fail spectacularly.


Fail in the way that one of their biggest plans for it will compile a database of porn sites people who follow the law visit.

Because gigantic databases of potential blackmail material have worked so well in the past.

@inmysocks the right way would be better education, but that's harder

@inmysocks @MightyPork iirc, the UK also has an axe to grind against 'unusual' porn

@MightyPork @inmysocks christian sexual morality and the profit motive strike again

@MightyPork well, if you are going to be all reasonable about it and maybe actually try and fix problems or something instead of going full on moral panic sure.

@inmysocks there a lot of pseudoscience and theories about it's effect on the psyche / brain but not much real research, so funding that would be a good first step. see eg this tedx

(plus the thing with exploitation of women that seems to generally get overlooked)

@inmysocks not to mention the misidentified sites, like the which a few ISPs blocked.


@inmysocks it'll be great when it backfires and we find out which politicians have been looking at which porn XD 'cos that's what the newspapers will care about if there's a leak.

considering how much shit they already get in for looking at porn, you'd think they'd know better. (but of course they don't 'cos they have no idea about how the internet even works ffs.)

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