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Here are my suggestions for finding an optimum meditation posture. There's a video coming later.

Anyone here interested in eastern philosophy and meditation practices? If so, follow me. Tons of info to come.

Anyone here ready to delete their Facebook account? I walked away last fall. Here is the link (which is not easily found on FB - big surprise!)

I'm interested in following people who are kind, caring, and interested in the well being of others. I am NOT interested in political opinions and commentary on the news. I can get that anywhere.

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@innereric Nice piece on Krishnamurti. I can't remember if that was the first or second of his books I read. One reason I joined Audible was because they have so many of his talks available, including his dialogues with David Bohm.

I'm brand spankin' new here. (ok never mind the spankin' part!) If we have similar interests, please follow me. I follow back.

“Live simply and prudently, with self-control; and moderation. Seek simple pleasures, those that satisfy natural and necessary desires, chief of which are food, drink, clothing, a roof over your head, friendship and love”. Epicurus

These words ring true even though they seem all too simple. I wrote about this earlier today as an acknowledgment of basic values in one’s life.

Here's a little something from Tibet to uplift the spirits. Such an inspiring people.😀

Just set up this account and forwarded my old one (@erichoward). Hope it's not too confusing.