Pareto-optimal compression

Everyone wants good compression. But what exactly *is* good compression? Time for a closer look.

Tracking leftover packages with pacman

Package managers take care of resolving dependencies for you, but over time, dependencies that are no longer needed might stay around. Time to change that.

Socket activating arbitrary services

Socket activation can help to reduce resource usage and speed up system boot time. Here's how, even if the service in question doesn't support it.

Simple networking

Networking on a laptop can be elegant, simple, fast, resilient and minimal, all at the same time. It just comes down to the right choice of tools. A setup based on iwd and systemd.

Mastodon and Twitter Feeds

This blog now has not only RSS-Feeds, but also feeds on Mastodon and Twitter.

Preserving data integrity - A ZFS-inspired storage system:

We typically assume, storage devices give back the data we once put in. But is that so? A setup for those who like to ensure their data's integrity, as well as benchmarks on performance as well as a performance comparison with the elephant in the room, ZFS, all based on components available in directly Linux itself.


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