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Hey guys, I'm also going to be over on! Same name!

you remember that friend I was talking about last night
yeah she's part of the reason my boyfriend dumped me tonight
gotta love it :')

He also had the nerve at one point to insinuate my boyfriend could do better than me too. Ain't that funny?

I won't get into the deets either but suffice to say this guy is a scumbag and I hope she humuliates him.

My friends boyfriend is a fuck up and she's getting ready to dump his ass

stupid habit has had me open the dumblr app three times already. I close it immediately but its still annoying

I'm not sure how much the tumblr protest will work but you know what, shit doesn't get done by doing nothing so.

Hey guys, I'm also going to be over on! Same name!

god like i hate to say this because like I like Jaesa mostly but her DS version is so fucking insufferable to me. I hate just the gleeful child psychopath bullshit and bioware missed a chance to fucking do something REALLY COOL with a fallen jedi comp

THAT BEING SAID. You can kill her after ET an honestly? thank fucking god because I can't. I CAN'T.

at least that ends not canon for my canon because she's LS

I'm sorry I haven't been more active. Its just that I uh... well... had some important things to do

my logical brain: its fucking stupid that they won't give us more content with koth and that the writers totally shafted him but we can romance khem val

my stupid dumbshit goblin brain: khem val said fuck straights

also that they'd call me "critical" of a character when my... problem was with 1 line. one line

I'm still marvelling that someone insinuated i'd say 'all lives matter' over... video game opinions.

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