international men's day, yeah I'd like to return this unused plz.

that's not to take anything away from the ones I have not seen. I'm sure they are quality too. No hate.

everyone's ass I have seen on here has been first rate. Really well done. Congrats on the good asses.

On this day, Joe Hill, the famed Wobbly songwriter and organizer, was murdered by firing squad after being convicted in a politically-motivated trial for a murder he did not commit

#IWW #OBU #UnionProud

doing a second ferment on my latest kombucha and the caps basically shot off the bottles when I checked on them. I think the extra sugar in the cider I added to the boocha has the bacteria happy

Portland is ok. I don't live there, but I like visiting. it's just that it's a bit like a black hole. it's extremely hard at certain times to leave it, enter it, or go through it. Probably the best way to experience it is to live in a neighborhood there that has everything you need and never leave.

I'm a centrist, I believe both side have valid points, both Communism and Anarchism

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Boys who can call forth the Old Ones?
Best tongues game, hands down.

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I have literally never once been horny. I do not believe it exists.

Yeah i play chess. I'm a bishop main

Roses are red
Our flag is black
Let’s burn down the prisons
And never turn back :anarchism:

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