The old "reduce, reuse, recycle" I learned from like Nickelodeon back in the day never included "don't make shit that won't be used in the first place." That's the real "reduce" we need.

@interneteh reduce/reuse/recycle*

*(don't stop consuming though as well, feed the mammon machine)

@interneteh the two facts about all this that I will not stfu are:

1/ US military is the world's biggest polluter

2/ The BULK pollution is from fortune500 companies and historically & tragically unregulated waste disposal.

Now, I'm a planeteer & always will be—reduce, reuse, REPAIR, recycle—I even pick up litter on the street and at the park.

But smdh, there are some big fuckups that are just conveniently ignored.

@phred yeah, we should all do what we can do, but also don't beat yourself up if you can't do better because the real problem is one we have little agency to stop.

@interneteh 100% yes. Collective action is needed here. We need to stop shaming disabled folks for needing plastic straws & easy-open containers.

anyway: fully automated luxury gay space communism, we can have it if we believe <3

@clew is it though? I think the reduce part is aimed at you and me, not producers

@interneteh Both, since they aren't independent. A vanished market closes down the producers (more than half the time I read a "Millennials are killing X" headline in the business news I think "High time!")

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