here's the progress so far on my "hugel" veggie growing bed. I've been working on it since the rain started again after the summer. It's a wooden raised bed with the bottom filled with seasoned maple. That's topped with compostable stuff. That's covered with soil. I'll be seeding the soil in the next few weeks.

How it works is the compostable materials hold onto water, and as they break down they make nutrients available to the plant roots. There's also a heating effect from the decomposition that can keep the soil a few degrees warmer in the winter.

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It's kind of an experimental thing I'm doing that draws upon raised bed gardening, lasagna gardening and hugelkultur. The bed that I did with a similar technique (minus the logs) did extremely well. Here it is at the peak of late spring.

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All I really need next is a lot of soil because the hugel bed needs a bit more soil in its top layer, plus the other beds I have need deeper soil to grow stuff like root veggies.

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from watching your experiments, I am going to attempt some hugelkultur next to my strawberry bed.

@moonwater Sure to. I just got a buttload of seeds last night, so I'm excited to get started

@interneteh that’s excellent! Good luck! I’ve been working in my garden every day but don’t have any cool beds like yours

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