I figure my garlic has been in the ground for about 140 days. Anyone know when you can harvest garlic?


I harvest scapes when they first start to uncurl a bit (they are still tender and mild at that point), and then when about 1/3 of the leaves on the stalk have gone brown or wilted, I harvest the garlic head.


is that hardneck or softneck?

I grow the former mostly, and it doesn't harvest until closer to the summer solstice.

Also, there is a thing called 'spring garlic' or 'green garlic' where you pull some up young and use it, to get a milder form, but most people trying to get a small crop and dry it for late summer or fall use won't pull heads early.

@raye it's different varieties. Likely both. Duganski and Purple Glazer are two I know for sure. And Inchelium


my PNW experience is that softneck garlic matures ahead of hardneck.

@raye thanks. I'll have to look up my posts where I talk about what I planted and where

@interneteh usually from mid summer, July/August. The leaves start dying so it will be obvious. Now is the time to focus on watering, as it's the key time when the clove is developing into a bulb. So don't let the soil completely dry out.

If you are growing hardback cultivars, they will develop scapes from mid- May onwards, and you need to snap them off as soon as you see them. Pics here

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