Here's a (kind of) bird that lives outside my house. It's a California scrub jay. We don't have blue jays here in Oregon, but we have these guys. Their color is very striking and their cry quite shrill. They are paranoid and hard to photograph or even spot sometimes, just looking like a blur of blue.

Also here is a Stellar's jay. I tend to see them in forested areas at the coast. I would compare their behavior to the scrub jay. They seem scrappy and paranoid. Don't like to be seen.

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@interneteh Yessss, scrub jays! I grew up in California and I love our lil' scrub jays so much

@interneteh british columbian here: they do like to be seen if they know you have peanuts in your pocket! :-) And they have equally noisy friends too!

@interneteh Jays have gotta jay, no matter where!
Eurasian Jays: squawk squawk squawk squawwwwkkkk!!
Also Eurasian Jays: *Sneaks from tree to tree like we haven’t noticed they’re there*

@interneteh I live in garry oak country up Washington way, and I have these in my garden most every day. Rarer this far north because the oak habitats peter out. Surely you get Stellar’s jays, though?

@Fritillaria2 I see them at the coast more often. They are shy though, so maybe they are inland as well

@interneteh Huh. They aren’t very shy here. They cuss out everyone and everything as much as any jay does. I know they are in the Willamette Valley, and all the way from Vancouver to Tacoma. I’ve never seen them on our coast. They’re surrounded by Stellar’s Jays.

@interneteh wow neat, here in BC we just have Stellar jays, in Ontario it's just blue jays, but I've never seen these ones, thanks 😊

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