"defund the police" is scaring some people bc they don't want to see the police as underfunded as, say, any given school

Imagining the local precinct having a bake sale to buy a billy club

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"heartwarming! This officer pays $600 of his own paycheck every month just to keep his station stocked with zip ties"

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@interneteh the reason this is so scary is because, unlike teachers, who generally have the support of the community, is if the cops are left to beg for help no one is gonna buy your shitty cookies, Darren.

@Moss I know I had that thought too. Teachers want to help people. Cops are living out a power trip

@interneteh “We’re hoping to sell enough Police Officer Cookies to afford more cop cars this year. If I sell more than my quota I might get a sweet flashlight for my night shifts!”

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