I hate how much the original centers cops. What about us? What about the shit we're dispossessed of? The cops just exist to smooth out inequality.

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@interneteh must be blocked by or blocking my instance because I don't see any comic apart from yours in the thread 🤔

@interneteh even with your very good addition, the first panel feels utterly wrong. the police aren't bearing that burden. they're not helping at all and they don't intend to

cops won't care about us, but like you say we can sure care about each other

@Yza yeah I know..it's a piece of shit strip. Flawed from inception

@interneteh yeah i didn't mean to assume you didn't. i just felt like saying this explicitly had some merit you did good with the material you were working from and the message there is strong

@interneteh on the risk of causing myself psychic damage, what's the original

@ben @interneteh in the bottom panel, the cop is still there only carrying "keep the peace"

@ben basically it's the same but in the end there's still a cop holding a "keeping the peace" rock

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