I feel like people don't understand the concept of unions. I hear liberal teachers in red states saying things like "they'll take our teaching certification away if we strike." People need to familiarize themselves with the kind of threats employers always make

I helped raise money for striking teachers in Oklahoma years ago. There are no real unions for teachers in that state. It's a right to work state. Unions are busted. The strikes were illegal. They did it anyway. Nobody lost their teaching certificates because they NEED teachers. You gotta respect what labor has and what labor is. They can't do anything without workers.

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You've been told so long and so loudly that you have no worth as a worker and you're replaceable and blah blah blah. When you're alone, that's true. If you went on "strike" as one worker, yeah they'd fire you and yank your license. But that's not what a strike is, is it? You unite and you fight and you don't break up until you win. Then you stay united and win again. They will piss and moan and threaten, but stay united and you win. Because without you, they're nothing.

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The strike is illegal. All right, so it's illegal. It's only illegal if you lose. So don't lose!

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@interneteh right like, what are they gonna do, fire all the teachers? lol

@dankwraith @interneteh given the current regime, yes, they'd love an excuse to shut down public schools entirely and privatize the whole concept.

@WanderingBeekeeper @interneteh ok but like it would be a massive disruption to literally everyone to fire all the teachers in an entire state. peoples lives revolve around their children being taken care of

@dankwraith @interneteh we're already disrupted by COVD lockdowns. The fascists see this as the perfect time to shut down public schools, the post office, Social Security, and Medicare, and get rid of all these unwashed masses of mostly brown people. The survivors of Covid, mostly white and affluent, will then enjoy a racist theological state, an idea that the GOP has been masturbating to for generations.

@dankwraith @interneteh oh fuck no. We strike, we rally, we do whatever we have to that gets the fascists out of power, and we protect our families from the Gestapo. Don't get me wrong - I'm all in for a national teacher strike. I want to see a general strike. I want to participate in a rail roko that shuts down the major shipping ports. Getting enough Americans off their lazy asses to make a difference is where the heavy lifting is.

@WanderingBeekeeper @dankwraith @interneteh Careful about stereotyping the “lazy” Americans. The guilt industry would love for you to blame the common man for crimes made against him or her, as you waste your time ineffectually struggling to motivate the masses to stop allowing themselves to be abused so much. You can lose heart at a hopeless situation, when the people stubbornly refuse to join in solidairity with someone saying that the problem is them and their lazy asses.

Perhaps better instead to have compassion for how powerless they feel, with so much uncertainty and fear, no one to trust, no future to believe in, and no cause worth fighting for, since as far as they know, fighting for it just means being hammered down and made an example of. Then you can blame the guy who’s convincing them to be lazy asses, and direct your actions against the thieves of hope, who are the real enemy here.

@dankwraith @WanderingBeekeeper @interneteh

when I was in high school back in the 80s the teachers were on strike from 1985-1987, Thatcho really didn't like that and still pushed through some reforms (goodwill was permanently lost, all the after school clubs stopped and never came back) but I don't remember even one teacher actually getting fired (they were and still are all unionised here in England, although there are different unions and not all were as left wing as the NUT) >>

@vfrmedia @dankwraith @interneteh In the USA, when the air traffic controllers went on strike, Reagan fired all of them and put military ATCs in the towers until new civilians could be hired and trained.

@WanderingBeekeeper @dankwraith @interneteh

it doesn't surprise me that 1980s USA would have plenty of military ATCs available, but I doubt USA in 21st century (or any country TBH) has loads of trained teachers on standby..

Surely they can't/won't just let kids roam the streets either?(when the strike happened here we had to go to the church hall when there weren't any lessons for safeguarding reasons)

@vfrmedia @dankwraith @interneteh oh gosh no, they'll arrest the parents for allowing truancy if the kids aren't enrolled in a private school or formally withdrawn for homeschooling, then move the kids to a camp and deport them. Presto, the fascists get rid of an entire generation of poor folks.

@WanderingBeekeeper @dankwraith @interneteh

TBH I suspect thats exactly why the church stepped in and offered the use of their hall as in some parts of the UK the kids also went on the streets protesting (although are there ways of homeschooling in USA without getting mixed up with the religious wingnuts?)

@vfrmedia @dankwraith @interneteh secular homeschooling is very much a thing. My family are secular homeschoolers. We used the Unschooling methodology, which is basically what every parent does until their kid goes off to kindergarten. My wife was vendor room coordinator for the state convention. Mind you, I took our at the time 17 year old middle child to the March for Marriage Equality in DC and wrote it up as a civics lesson.

@WanderingBeekeeper @dankwraith @interneteh

here in England [1] there is creeping semi-privatisation (and desecularisation) of schools with the trend towards "academy trusts", but its extremely rare for a teacher to be fired unless they commit
an serious criminal offence and the teachers' unions still have some clout (there were even a few strikes in the 2000s, but nothing like the 80s)

[1] the 4 UK countries have slightly different ways of running their local education authorities...

@WanderingBeekeeper @dankwraith IMO, at this rate, this could be the last stand. COVID might give the privateers just the shot in the arm their movement needs. Unless the labor that runs the education system fights back

@dankwraith It never happens. There was that one time that Reagan fired all the air traffic controllers though...

I'm not saying it's risk free. There's always risk. I just think workers need to teach themselves about the risks and what they do and do not need to be afraid of

@interneteh "A revolution is always illegal in the third person, such as their revolution. It is only in the first person, our revolution, where it is legal." - Ben Franklin

@interneteh at this point all states are right-to-work when it comes to public employees

@james true. Point was, this one has been right to work for many, many years.

@interneteh I wasn't disagreeing with you! Just adding. A lot of people (not you!) seem to think that right-to-work means unionization is impossible, not just that it makes things more difficult in one particular way


If there is one thing I wish every single American could learn is trade unionism 101. It's really the missing piece in making a lot of stuff work.

@zzz @interneteh If there’s one thing I wish everyone would understand is that employers will stop at nothing to destroy the union. Even the kindest, most humanitarian employer will sink to psychopathy the moment they hear about someone trying to unionize. It’s a terrifying moral exceptionalism.

@cy @interneteh

That's part of trade unionism 101. Like unless you work for yourself, I think you should know what unions do, why you should have one, and how you fight to not just get one but make the one you got more effective.

@zzz @interneteh The so-called United States of America has done so fucking much to propagandize over its history of worker's-rights atrocities, I'm not surprised the working class under its boot don't know their own history.

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