Imo, socialists should talk more about public wealth than private property. Of course talking about property will always be necessary bc things that could serve the public are held in too few hands, but there's basically nobody in the mainstream discourse talking of the concept of public wealth and what it could do for us. We've been told for decades it doesn't exist, even.


Public institutions have been under attack for so long that most are either undermined and performing poorly, or were privatized long ago and brought outside public control. But there are examples. Everyone misses public libraries about now, and many are still working to provide services throughout Covid. Public schools are beleaguered and overwhelmed, but everyone acknowledges their material importance to keeping "normal life" going

So you don't even have to get too pie in the sky with people if they're not receptive to that, but you certainly can imagine a better public health system. A better public housing system, public transport, public child care, public end of life care, public banking, public tool banks, public food banks. Some of this has been taken from us and some the rich have fought to ensure we never get. All this serves to make money less important in people's lives. Less life or death.

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I guess what I'm saying is the problem with private property is everyone can imagine themselves getting hold of some. And there's nothing wrong with wanting comfort and an easy life. Let's help people imagine getting public wealth and the benefits it could provide instead. Replace a one in a million scratch and win with a guarantee for all.

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