Mailvelope 4.0 wurde am 1. August veröffentlicht und hat ein neues Design und Logo!
Hier der deutschsprachige Blog-Eintrag zur Release:

Mailvelope 4.0 has been released on August 1st and has a new design and logo!
See their blog post for more details:

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Congratulations! 🎉 The new UI looks really nice!

Maybe now you’ll find a moment to review my bugfix PR: :)

@wiktor I asked someone in our team to ping the Mailvelope devs about this. Thank you for the fix, WKD is quite important for us!

Glad to hear that Intevation! WKD is really nice and it’s good to hear Mailvelope is committed to it.

See you later 👋

@wiktor Just to clarify: While we contributed to Mailvelope, we are not the main developer. But since they are not on Mastodon (as far as I know only and their own blog), I wanted to announce it over here as well.

I just received a reply that Mailvelope 4.0.1 will be released soon and will probably include your PR.

Got it, thanks for the clarification!

Too bad Mailvelope is not on Mastodon, while they have an excellent FAQ I'd still want to ask some less-frequently asked questions :)

@louis yes, says "Use of this source code is governed by the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE that can be found in the LICENSE file."

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