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Intevation GmbH

Currently trying multi-account support (for this account and @intevation) in (@tom79), @Tusky and on Android.
All are and installed via @fdroidorg
Thank you for offering so many choices!

getan version 3.1 (a terminal based time-tracking and reporting tool; comparable to 'worklog') has been released. See

Here is the corresponding Twitter post (is there a special rendering for those in Mastodon clients?):

Hallo Welt! Weil uns nicht nur am Herzen liegt sondern auch , trötet nun auch die LUGO bei

Toot from Intevation, we're now using Mastodon!
Toot von Intevation, wir benutzen jetzt Mastodon!

Toots (and boosts) from this account will be in English and German, we will talk about Free Software (Open Source) and related topics.