[Gpg4win-users-en] Funding update: How payments are used
lists.wald.intevation.org/pipe .. a slow change towards a business unit that ensures that Gpg4win is continuously maintained as Free Software with the possibility to get it gratis. We can already fund an engineer half-time. #FreeSoftware #Gpg4win :)

IntelMQ v1.1.0 has been published. lists.cert.at/pipermail/intelm www.intelmq.org is a tool for CERTS to automate handling of abuse messages #security #FreeSoftware

Es ist wieder soweit! Heute ab ca. 19:00 treffen wir uns im Balou in - alle an GNU/Linux und Freier Software interessierten sind herzlich willkommen!

Zur Verstärkung unseres Teams suchen wir zum nächstmöglichen Termin Mitarbeitende für den Bereich Softwareentwicklung (wir entwickeln Freie Software/Open Source):
Single-Page Web-Anwendungen, , , Sicherheit/Verschlüsselung usw.

Wir bieten flexible Arbeitszeiten, familienfreundliche Bedingungen und mehr.

Weitere Details: intevation.de/Intevation_jobs_

Zur Verstärkung unseres Teams suchen wir zum nächstmöglichen Termin Mitarbeitende für folgende Bereiche:
* Softwareentwicklung (unsere Produkte sind Freie Software/Open Source)
* Systemadministration (vor allem GNU/Linux-Systeme)

Adressen für Bewerbungen und bald mehr Details unter intevation.de/news.de.html#job

It's #FollowFriday again, time for some #Alternatives 🌟

@ring Ring: The decentralised open source alternative to Skype

@Tusky Tusky: Popular Mastodon phone app by @ConnyDuck

@elementary Elementary: Easy-to-use open source operating system based on Ubuntu Linux

@Framasoft Framasoft: The leading French promoter of free software (en français)

@GIMP GIMP: Open source alternative to Photoshop


Previous #FF posts:

I am looking for a digital to commision for three assets for the mastodon client @Tusky: A generic "elephant friend", an image for the error view (maybe a sad elephant?) and an image for the empty view (maybe a sleeping elephant?). Must look good on dark and light background and fit well with material design. Artist must be ok with the assets being published under an open source license. Vector assets preferred. Commission will of course be payed.
Pls boost!

Currently trying multi-account support (for this account and @intevation) in (@tom79), @Tusky and on Android.
All are and installed via @fdroidorg
Thank you for offering so many choices!

getan version 3.1 (a terminal based time-tracking and reporting tool; comparable to 'worklog') has been released. See pypi.org/project/getan/

Here is the corresponding Twitter post (is there a special rendering for those in Mastodon clients?):

Hallo Welt! Weil uns nicht nur am Herzen liegt sondern auch , trötet nun auch die LUGO bei

Toot from Intevation, we're now using Mastodon!
Toot von Intevation, wir benutzen jetzt Mastodon!

Toots (and boosts) from this account will be in English and German, we will talk about Free Software (Open Source) and related topics.


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