Why the heck am I still on twitter? Why am I helping this jerk make money? I've left facebook fairly painlessly, but .. I value the interactions I have on Twitter -- and I want to keep having those interactions. But it means I keep helping a horrible person make money. ☹️

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@intherain may I ask who this jerk is? Do you mean Jack? The guy who created Twitter?

@anotherlurker yeah I mean jack. Who apparently went on Hannity today to say Alex Jones hasn't violated twitters rules 🀨

@intherain ah! That's what you mean. It's quite extraordinary that jack still offers a platform for that guy. So yeah, I see what you're saying now and I do agree.

Though I do wonder how this will affect the freedom of speech discussion.

@anotherlurker I mean, it's not really a freedom of speech issue, since twitter isn't the government. Jack owns the platform, so he bears responsibility for the community on that platform.

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