@intherain oh, found it - it's a general panel on feminist perspectives rather than specifically about AI being privileged people's choices.

@polychrome Yep, there were two members of Le Reset, a hackerspace in France, on the panel. And this is one of their space's stickers, so not specifically to do with the panel, but more just from their space :)

@intherain Dang, I would want to have this sticker without the spelling error...

@anathem As a native speaker -- English is a messed up language that is seriously in need of spelling reform, so I personally embrace all the creative spellings my non-native friends come up with 😊

@intherain And I'm a german with a knack for spotting spelling errors in english and german... mostly I know whether there are spelling errors before actually reading the text.

(It's a curse.)

@intherain @anathem "When the English tongue will speak
Why is break not rhymed with freak?"


* we hope? I mean like, personally at least I'm kinda hoping there's a better "AI" to be found than "machines that implement the wishes of rich people constantly no matter what", I think it's possible we may achieve something better than that, something that actually helps humanity and not just the people who own all the armies at this point


* I'll hush up, this is going long and all, sorry about that. it's just very hard for me to imagine people ever becoming better than animals

@sydneyfalk I think it requires that we provide better access to AI creation tools to those who aren't privileged, since sample data fed in tends to reflect the designers themselves.

Of course, that's yet another of so many problems that begin with step 1) solve poverty.


> better access to AI creation tools

agreed firmly, s'why I think makerstuff is so important to foster, so people can start building their own useful AI tools

> step 1) solve poverty

um, this may be beyond the grasp of most humans to take as a first step, yeah

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