If I wrote apps I would totally create a mastodon app that showcased the photos, showing them full-frame rather than cropped, etc., like instagram. (I'm assuming that's possible?) I love the photos my friends post on instagram, but I don't see the same encouragement to put the effort in here because the interface just doesn't highlight them the same way.

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@intherain I'd love to see a good writeup of the protocols/apis mastodon relies on, because once that happens i feel like it's just a matter of time until a bunch of specialized frontends pop up.

@fschaap @jeroensmeets I'm on iOS (womp womp), but I'll mentioned it to @qrs who's currently going through an Android phase.

@intherain @fschaap @qrs thx for the mention. 11t is both on iOS and Android, but in dire need of an update.

@WAHa_06x36 @intherain thanks!

I’m using toot and amaroq back and forth- toot is starting to look good!

@WAHa_06x36 (got a toot roadmap so I can know what things not to bug you about? Also glad to not bug you anyway :))

@ranjit Well, there is something in the beta testing notes, but not very well structured.

In summary, beyond getting all the basic functionality completed to a reasonable degree, there is:

* UI theming.
* Snap video (like Vine).
* Some way to put images inline in the toot (this can already be displayed if you put in the image URLs by hand).
* Maybe folding notifications together?
* Lots more easter eggs.

@ranjit I was going to link an example toot for the inline images, but not only can I not be bothered to find it, I also realised I need to implement opening links to toots properly first.

@ranjit @WAHa_06x36 Ahh.. I've been using Tootdon since Amaroq was so buggy about uploading photos and didn't do hashtag following as well, but now I'm looking for another alternative because I just learned about Tootdon's security issues.. so I'll have to try Toot!

@WAHa_06x36 @ranjit hmm.. step one is figuring out how to send a private dm so I don't blast my email address all over the 'verse

@intherain @ranjit Oh, what you did worked, it arrived as a private message, and I got the ID and added you!

@WAHa_06x36 @ranjit Oh.. good! It showed up on my main feed (I think.. ) so I deleted it. Maybe only I could see it? But anyway, if you were able to grab it, cool beans. How do I download the app?

@intherain @ranjit Yeah, mastodon is a bit too subtle about showing what is or isn’t a private message. Toot does something more interesting there.

@WAHa_06x36 Ah, cool. Uhm, so I just noticed I gave you the wrong address for my appleid. The one I gave you goes into the same mailbox, so I got the email and was able to download the app, but if you need the one that actually is my appleid I can send you that. (I just switched from gmail to protonmail so I'm still getting used to my own mail system rn 🙄 )

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