Tried brownie mix in the rice cooker. It makes all gooey center style brownies with no dry edges πŸ˜‹

I had a bread breakthrough. I suck at homemade bread. It always comes out flat and wrong. This one I cooked in the rice cooker on "brown rice" and then put in an oven to crisp up the outside. And despite the fact that I used too much rye and barley flour (because I ran out of white) it still rose like a champ :)

Bigger pull down screen at the hackerspace means bigger Hackers

When you haven't quite figured out string-related types in c++

The cats of are helping me, a catless person, to participate in Caturday today.

We need new dishes at our and I was just making a case for getting Correlle, and now I'm wondering why we ever stopped using it. I think these days we consider them "cheap", and sure, they're inexpensive, but how does this not describe high quality:

🍽️ they last forever without chipping

🍽️ lightweight

🍽️ thin so you can stack a lot in a small space

🍽️ come in lots of patterns

What's not to love?

The neighbors' turkey and chickens showed up while we were picking apples, so we shared.

The strongest punch against the biggest Nazi is your vote in your local elections. Proud to be submitting our absentee ballots today πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

First time in five years we're skipping the burn. So instead we're watching it on the live stream in recliners with tea and knitting in a climate controlled room with no dust. Might even take a shower after just cause I can. 🍡

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