Photo caption test (nice, in Mast I get a whole page to edit the caption on instead of just a little strip)

No, really (well, actually, that doesn't look like a terribly heavy weight, but nice display technique)

Synthesizer from 1875. Note keyboard to the left. At the Teylers museum in Haarlem.

Radish and are my favorite. They grow quickly and vigorously, and I've never had a batch get moldy. Plus they're gorgeous.

My nasturtiums are about to bloom again. 🌱🌺 I'm glad I ignored the prevailing advice about not trying to grow these indoors.

Whimsical chicken-topped tower. I love how the tops of all these towers in Amsterdam are Blender-rendering grey.

I'm growing some herbs in an Ikea Vaxer set up and they've developed some mold. I spent yesterday evening with trying to read German blog posts on the subject, and today I tried implementing a suggested fix -- replanting them with expanded clay pebbles so moisture isn't drawn up to the top. Crossing my fingers.

This Rollende Keukens event is pretty cool, but it's too crowded now so we had to retreat to this Dr Seuss garden of waving purple pompoms.

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