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🍵Holly🗽 @intherain@mastodon.social

Black Panther on (nearly) every screen 😀

Apple maps has gotten really great for city dwellers. Subway advisories widget, transit on the map (Google is flaky with this), and bus routes I've taken have been accurate in Apple maps and definitely not in Google maps.

Morning run: Manhattan. Blergh

US politics in Dutch newspapers Show more

Morning run: Westergasfabriek ==> Westerpark

Time to void the warranty 😁

Morning run: this city is one big postcard.

Morning run: calisthenics in Westerpark, bike ride against the wind to the station, run to the east side, big brunch at Drover's Dog. No clouds today in Amsterdam!

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Morning run: boat parking for your apartment in Amsterdam ⛵️

2018 metaphors so far: There's a lot of trash left over from last year, but the trash truck is here and there's a ray of sun shining through.

nickfarr@chaos.social is needed at the info desk

Having Falco come up in the mix during your morning run through Leipzig, *kisses fingers*

Hooray for German trains, on our way to