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🍵Holly🗽 @intherain@mastodon.social

My Dad asked his brother to officiate at his wedding... so this happened

You know you're in New Orleans when there's go cups stacked behind the bar.

All the weird spikey flowers are out for spring.

@intherain hall to the subway is panic attack level of crowded

Learned how to do a pull over last night. Can't get enough momentum to get all the way around yet.

Morning run, low hanging clouds over Manhattan.

First attempt at altering a pattern. I want to put a watch window into the left hand version of this arm warmer so when I wear it I can still see my watch while keeping the heart rate sensor in contact with my arm.

Bright sunny and cheery at NYC Resistor this morning

The local Jewish deli is stocking a LOT of matzo ball soup today.

Airport food fail Show more

Somehow I've lost the ability to ride in a car without getting car sick, and this is making visiting family in the Midwest a bit uncomfortable.

a sample of Malabrigo for a friend's shop.

Once upon a time in our hackerspace on Pi Day.

Two-color brioche is 50% , and 50% scratching your head over how to fix the most recent mistake.