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🍵Holly @intherain@mastodon.social

I'm at this party and they have fully automated gay space communist coasters

Let's see if I can post a photo from my morning run with Tootdon, since Amaroq is being problematic.

Today's morning run earned me the 5K Tranksgiving challenge badge. I'm kinda loving this Apple watch. I haven't run a 5K in at least a couple years, but this was enough encouragement to get me to do one.

Tamiko Thiel, the designer of this gorgeous CM2 supercomputer from the eighties, and @qrs who got those lights blinking for the exhibit, at MOMA. I just love the design of this thing.

You know it's a good night when you end up hugging an air dancer

Last panel at the last FACETS, Chelsea Manning is talking about her experiences doing data science in the military and how things changed for her when the fact that the data represented people became real for her.

Bot that retweets statements marked "citation needed" from Wikipedia by @aparrish at

Went to the yarn store for some sedate cream and beige yarn for hand warmers, left with this vivid orange stuff that I'm so excited to knit with :)

Sometimes the Statue of Liberty is really striking on my morning run, but because it's far and phone camera when I try to capture it it always comes out like a Bigfoot photo.

Whaa..? Duck Duck Go has a dark mode! And google doesn't. I've been using google for search <1% of the time lately because Duck Duck Go has gotten so good. Now more reason not to switch back: less eye strain. mastodon.social/media/z__WtUCn

"Healthcare without insurance" our national disgrace is front page news in the Netherlands.

They're setting up for Milkshake (an Amsterdam pride party) in the park near my place. This looks like a blast :D