What straight people think we want: another gaybashing tearjerker

What we want: gay space rogues going on adventures, breaking gay hearts at every port

@unstuckdev I was just thinking the other day how much I miss Capt Jack Harkness

Had to keep the wires from overlapping on my fritzing diagram

@wakest I'm listening to one on Heaven's Gate and one on NXIVM, and I feel like with both of them I want a book club-style discussion group to work out all the thoughts. Because yeah.

@jgarfink My problem with DPNs is that I always feel like I'm with a porcupine. I can never find a way to hold my work that doesn't have some needles poking me or getting in the way. I'm curious about the Addi FlexiFlips, though. Looks like ones not in use would just fold out of the way.

I was going to try them for a sock project, but I went all the way to the yarn store after calling to make sure they had them, and turns out Addi's sizes are non-standard, so they didn't. :/

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@Linuxtjej Absolutely. Diagnosed at 41, wish I had been diagnosed before college. I was spiralling into depression b/c of low self worth due to failures and had a lot of anxiety. I'm so much better now. Even small things -- I would never use tools (calendar alerts, etc.) because I thought I shouldn't need them. Now I can give myself permission to use these crutches and it helps so much. Social interactions are easier with meds because I'm not constantly drifting off.

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@rrix @KitRedgrave@glitch.social I recently replaced the wallpapers on my desktops with NASA photos of Saturn, Mars landscapes, and landscapes from Saturn's moons. I LUV them but I only get to see them when I swipe my apps away to find a file I dropped on the desktop (which is rare because even then I usually just use a terminal).

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@Virelai well let's just say it's one of those things I learned the hard way ;)

new investigative org, The Markup, will investigate big tech. Like ProPublica, it will use Creative Commons licensing for stories.

ProPublica is non-commercial, no derivatives in addition to attribution.


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