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Web archiving conference coming to Amsterdam.

Cute webpage (you need a certain age to appreciate the cultural ref perhaps)

My organisation bought a new electronic health record from the biggest EHR company and there's something really cool that is totally different from the half dozen systems I've used before: there are multiple sex and gender fields so the medical record can accurately show the patient's preferred name, correct pronoun, medical-care relevant, and organ-specific information. So if I understand right, front end staff will just see correct pronoun. Medical providers can see a flag indicating trans.

My Dad asked his brother to officiate at his wedding... so this happened

You know you're in New Orleans when there's go cups stacked behind the bar.


When designing a user interface, imagine some old woman using it, say Margaret Hamilton, and she's clicking your app's buttons and saying to you, as old people do,

"Young whippersnapper, when I was your age, I sent 24 people to the ACTUAL MOON with my software in 4K of RAM and here I am clicking your button and it takes ten seconds to load a 50 megabyte video ad and then it crashes

I'm not even ANGRY with you, I'm just disappointed."

What is going on with the German Democratic People’s Republic and why am I getting so many emails about it?

I am having the most day today. And I'm not scheduled for an ADHD day today, and I didn't forget to take my meds. So why? Ugh 😞

My husband on hearing about Michael Pollan's new book:

Is it "Take Drugs, Not Too Many, Mostly 'Shrooms"?

(i mean.. yeah. it sounds like.. yes it is)

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