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Does anyone know some straight and or cis-gender cantered movies? A friend of mine just came out as straight and cis and I want to recommend like movie to them thatโ€™s a misinterpreted version of what they feel inside. Thanks.

The strongest punch against the biggest Nazi is your vote in your local elections. Proud to be submitting our absentee ballots today ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

First time in five years we're skipping the burn. So instead we're watching it on the live stream in recliners with tea and knitting in a climate controlled room with no dust. Might even take a shower after just cause I can. ๐Ÿต

If you're not in the desert this year, you can celebrate by laser cutting and burning your own Balsa Man.

These pictures of Jupiter taken by the Juno spacecraft are fucking with my emotions; I remember avidly staring at grainy black and white photos of the planets when I was very little. Absolutely breathtaking #astronomy

You know, if you've just gotten over stomach flu, and you're feeling a lot better but your stomach's still a little sour, walking around Manhattan in the summer is a Bad Idea.

computers that you can talk to

expectation: computer! Initiate program 5!


I wish slow but comfortable luxury long-distance travel by airship were a reality. I would like to just spend a couple of days flying over the oceans to new countries, making friends with the other passengers out of necessity. We'd drink and dance and make merry as we sailed over the cloud cover below us.

Slate If/Then Podcast interviewing Eugene Rochko

Interview starts at 14:50

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