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Just got an email from the last company still advertising that they manufacture floppy disks indicating that 1) They no longer manufacture floppy disks and 2) they stopped more than 7 years ago.

(And 3) that they have "A large number" of disks warehoused and available for wholesale.)

Reddit's body weight fitness sub is pretty excellent, and had a great guidelines to getting started and progressing. I'm a fan of and so I was a good find now that I am able to establish routines and follow through on a plan.

Starting now the Berlin Wall has been down longer than it was up:
Construction began 13-Aug-1961. Demolition began 9-Nov-1989. 10284 days. 5 January 2018 is 10284 days since the wall began coming down.

Morning run: calisthenics in Westerpark, bike ride against the wind to the station, run to the east side, big brunch at Drover's Dog. No clouds today in Amsterdam!

Pic of the day: Amsterdam solargraph: camera made from a hollowed out book, exposure time about 3 weeks.

Tired: Computer processors.
Wired: An intricately organized room full of index cards and homing pigeons.

Also morning run: two men dressed all in black in a tunnel under the train tracks erasing the graffiti drawn over the art on the walls. The backs of their jackets said "kunstwacht" (art watch).

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