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That one time when I put a dance mod on Skyrim and made a music video to Pkarell Williams's Happy -

I love watching it. It cracks me up.

Web designers need to know of this exchange between my parents:

Father: Ah - they've updated their web site!

Mother: Oh no.

Father: It looks good ...

Mother: Can you find the things we need?

... (long pause) ...

Father: No ...

yesterday i added this little self care box to my .bashrc and forgot about it; was very happy when it popped up on first log in today.

I want to love Firefox, I really do. But every few days it starts to choke and slows my whole machine down to a crawl, and I have to kill it, which takes a while because wants to just keep spinning the pinwheel.

So, sigh, back to Chrome. Or maybe I'll give Brave another try. πŸ˜ͺ

Remember when the early solar system planet Theia collided with the earth, sending immense amounts of debris into orbit around the earth which eventually formed into the moon? That was 4,500,000,000 years ago

Feel old yet?

It is not shameful to not know something, it is only shameful to refuse to learn... *repeats forever*

This has been my favorite thing today and now I am chewing on thoughts while head-bopping to the tunes, looking forward to the next edition, and trying to decide if donating in dollars or euros is going to work out better. Thank you @kibi for creating it.

"[research] found that almost 3% of Minnesota teens did not identify with traditional gender labels such as "boy" or "girl.""

Meanwhile, on mastodon, 218% of teens identify as

*checks earpiece*

genderfuck trash animals.

I forgot to take my meds this afternoon and I'm being reminded of what it was like to have to fight to not space out constantly. Also, I have to concentrate to remember people's names, and then instantly forget them again.

@huertanix There's a instance where people toot in-character. @guinan is the admin and tends to re-toot some of the more amusing posts if you're looking for someone specific to follow.

I'm getting obsessed with this joke in its various iterations.

Apple maps has gotten really great for city dwellers. Subway advisories widget, transit on the map (Google is flaky with this), and bus routes I've taken have been accurate in Apple maps and definitely not in Google maps.

if I made a space ship I'd make it broadcast HONK HONK into other spaceships as I flew by them

So, "squirrel" is a very hard word for non-native English speakers to say.

In German, the word for squirrel is "Eichhornchen," which is hilarious to hear non-native German speakers attempt to say.

I wonder if there's some global squirrel conspiracy to ensure their name in every language is ridiculously hard for foreigners to say.

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