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Seems like 2008 me got on twitter to spend time being clever for no money and increasing twitters brand for no money and in return have no time to do work that would give me money brought an wonderful retrocomputing specimen to NYC Resistor today: the amazing ThinkPad 701C "Butterfly"

Set up the #diy jewelry workshop for the open #hackerspace dat at #techinc

Come and play!

Hey, want to know a simple way you can #buylocal and support artists? Never buy another mass market greeting card again. I guarantee you there are starving artists from your state, maybe even your town, selling greeting cards on etsy which are MUCH cooler than Hallmark, for better prices. Most of them will even put together a custom variety pack for you on request! #supportyourlocalartist

The local Jewish deli is stocking a LOT of matzo ball soup today.

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@cwebber @tom What's the saying?

"git gets easier once you get the basic idea that branches are homeomorphic endofunctors mapping submanifolds of a Hilbert space."


πŸ“£PSA πŸ“£

Please add descriptions to your images.

There are visually impaired users floating about the federverse and they deserve descriptions.

A simple description of "airplane" or "cute Kitty" is sufficient. You can do more if you like, but at least add a succinct, basic description if possible.


Ik wil naar Nederland terug gaan, want de regering van de verenigde staten is te dom. 😭

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The only real purposes of a gender field are marketing data and automated pronoun systems. The former is unnecessary and the latter is better served by not hiding it behind a gender label and just letting people pick a set of pronouns.

Datasheet state transition diagram vs alchemic transmutation circle.

Excellent blog about living with #adhd. Validating. Real. I promise you will find yourself in here.

"ADHD: A Lifelong Struggle"

How To suggested using the birdsite hashtag

What do y’all think about using it here?

It allows me to do the things I need and want to do and it just makes everything easier.

I’m constantly thinking about how much it let’s me do, then when I compare myself to neurotypical people I see that they’re able to do all this stuff without medication.

How it feels like talking about Mastodon on Reddit

I've filled out a mood/sleep tracking chart, on a piece of paper, every day for a year now. Interesting things:

1. On the days I exercise I get super productive.
2. On the days I get a reasonable amount of sleep around a reasonable hour, my mood becomes balanced instead of the extremes of manic or depressed

So all that shit we already know is true. I highly recommend filling out a mood chart even if you don't have bipolar. Sorry this wasn't funny.

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