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My husband on hearing about Michael Pollan's new book:

Is it "Take Drugs, Not Too Many, Mostly 'Shrooms"?

(i mean.. yeah. it sounds like.. yes it is)

Stranded at Grand Central station. All train service suspended indefinitely. The station just got really crowded really fast.

you know it's weird that transhumanists think making humans into machines means we'll live forever because i don't have any working devices older than my dog

The whole NY Subway system smells like a toilet today. Avoid if you can. Blech.

Learned how to do a pull over last night. Can't get enough momentum to get all the way around yet.

Finally it's hot in NYC. But I'm between air conditioners at the moment so I'm wearing a cold pack that I had in the freezer. Smells like chicken stock but feels great.

Facebook is such garbage. I had closed my account, but wanted to keep up with a couple groups that only communicate via FB, so..

I created an account, which I locked down as tightly as they let you. I friended no one, just joined my two groups. Only viewed it via their onion site with the tor browser. Want to hear a mac mini attempt lift-off? run FB on tor. Wow.

Couple days in the site demands a cell number. Can't even log in to delete the account without giving one. Hell. No.

I highly recommend sw's not to use Whatsapp despite it's marketed encryption. Whatsapp and Insta are owned by and share data with Facebook. You cannot opt out of this atm. An alternative is Signal. Guess who was added to an Arabic group chat on WA and then got these ads on Insta.

I am not very good at drawing. I want to get better. So of course the answer is practice.

But it's just so easy to see the day go by and find there was no time for it!

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