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you watch one fucking "joe rogan explains post nut syndrome" video and suddenly your recommendations are all drawings of historical guys in front of backdrops talking about how leftists are racist against the pope

Today’s weather is like a reminder that you can feel hopeful, even if it’s rare

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Heard you were talking shit... why would you do that :(

If Hillary runs again it’s just going to be like the world’s biggest PTSD trigger for so many of us

Hot damn I made the right decision by quitting my job and moving to London. Not bragging, just incredibly grateful. Wishing you all wonderful Friday

Some personal notes, being emo etc 

Fuck lol I worried for months and months that I’d never be able to stay afloat in London and like, within three weeks of arriving I’ve got enough work to be fine. I put my wife through so much stress by being unbelievably fixated on worst case scenarios. I owe her big time

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find u a partner who loves u as much as cormac mccarthy loves writing about babies being eaten

Did a little deep dive and it seems that neither FF6 nor Chrono Trigger’s English translations got released for the SNES in Europe until Sony ported them to the PlayStation. Nintendo was always insane but... what

Personal update 

On day 3 of living in London after leaving New York for good and, at the risk of jinxing myself, it feels like the best decision I’ve ever made

Movers came today and, in short, the next time we’ll sleep in our own bed will be 2 ish months from now, in England

My last day at my old work was yesterday and I’m still wrapping my head around the idea that I no longer have an inbox full of things that annoy me

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Instead of Oathkeepers, what about Oatkeepers, people who ensure the highest quality of oat milk (the environmentally responsible dairy substitute)

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Intro which is long 

I’m a 33 year old white cis bi guy, happily married to a black cis bi woman. I’m an a/v producer focused on web video, motion graphics, and podcast audio. My wife and I are moving to the UK in 2 weeks. I joined the army when I was 22 and spent 7 years on active duty. That experience shifted me towards leftist politics, socialism, and anti-imperialism. If you or anyone you know is considering joining the military, I am happy to give them honest advice as to why they shouldn’t.

🎵might as well face it
the old bird site is bad🎶

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