On an unrelated topic, you can do me a favour by playing around with @Eunomia's first public pilot for a bit over on mastodon.eunomia.social

Just need some people to post stuff and press buttons and see how it works.

Here's a new extension to quickly remove blank cells in LibreOffice Calc – and the developer would appreciate help to improve it! Check it out: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

Hello, my name's Peter, I'm Polish but I live in Vancouver, BC now.

New to Mastodon, not new to gaming.

Started playing with WFRP 1ed back in 1998, quickly moved on to homebrew worlds. Loved Call of Cthulhu since the 5th edition. After a 10 year hiatus I got back to the hobby with OSRs, FATE (Mindjammer), and curiosity about D&D 5E, Numenera and Runequest.
Writing my crazy OSR inspired thing.
#ttrpg, #comics, #boardgames and #cats

Take back control: Here's how to setup your own Microsoft 365 alternative with #Nextcloud and @CollaboraOnline by TechRadarPro!

Framasoft published this morning a donation campaign for 2022. I had the honor to fully illustrate it. You can flip more than thirty illustrated cards and discover this way this not-for-profit org.
Framasoft is really important to me. Pls support them💜

Happy 20 anniversary to @ansol Thank you for your great work and for the invitation to talk at your celebration event.

Keep up the crucial work for

It took years — eight years and counting in exile — for me to realize that I was missing the point: we talk about conspiracy theories in order to avoid talking about conspiracy practices, which are often too daunting, too threatening, too total.


Enquanto andamos entretidos com as autárquicas, a Lei BigBrother vai amanhã a votos na generalidade (1º votação). Há quem diga que faz lembrar Orwell, outros dizem que é mais Huxley.
A nós, por alguma razão, lembrou-nos Saramago...

Os debates das autárquicas na RTP3 são uma profunda nulidade e perda de tempo. é um oportunidade perdida para a RTP e para os candidatos autárquicos. O modelo televisivo adoptado é de um vácuo que só serve a manipuladores e comedores de tremoço.

Tenho muita pena que não paguem uns cobres ao tipo para ficar deitado e nunca mais se levantar. Fique por lá a ladrar sozinho de cigarro e uísque na mão até ter calos na peida.

Beware of quotes websites... they should not be trusted and are full of false references. Please don't quote me or trust me also. I am also full..

New Lemmy Release! v0.12.0 🥳

Includes user and community blocking, leaner federation code, new API docs, and a whole lot more.


Ours was now a country in which the cost of replacing a broken machine with a newer model was typically lower than the cost of having it fixed by an expert, which itself was typically lower than the cost of sourcing the parts and figuring out how to fix it yourself. This fact alone virtually guaranteed technological tyranny, which was perpetuated not by the technology itself but by the ignorance of everyone who used it daily and yet failed to understand it. To refuse to inform yourself about the basic operation and maintenance of the equipment you depended on was to passively accept that tyranny and agree to its terms: when your equipment works, you'll work, but when your equipment breaks down you'll break down, too. Your possessions would possess you.

- Edward Snowden, Permanent Record

Tribunal de Justiça da União Europeia: O Zero Rating é contrário ao princípio da neutralidade da Internet, logo, ilegal.

(*a colocar milho na panela*🍿 )

Nota de imprensa do TJUE:

This mutant strain has become its own pandemic—one that leaves us in denial about our ability to create change.


Hoje a @CovidStayaway@twitter.com
faz um ano!

Para assinalar a data, apresentamos o Relatório Público Stayaway, uma análise extensa sobre a experiência de uma app cujo fracasso muitos teimam em não admitir.


Crucial research into the #AdTracking industry by Oxford researcher KKollnig@twitter & colleagues: 90% of #Android apps engaged in user #tracking w/o even asking for #GDPR consent. 😡

Half of those that did ask, made consent a condition for using the app.


Via @edri (Twitter)

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