I have lost my faith in Firefox recently. I have been using it for 10+ years now. When the first thing a privacy respecting browser does is sending insecure api calls to google and record telemetry, it's a joke.

I'm thinking about using Brave as my primary browser.

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They are on Uplay, and might be on Epic Game Store in the future. GOG is the most prominent platform you can get them though, make of this info what you will

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Are there any public reports on how safe DuckDuckGo really is?. I want to verify they don't collect any data to identify its users individually. As far as I know, their codebase isn't available to the public.

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My dearest Android users, do not stuck in Google's monopoly! Do not stuck in their ecosystem. Come out from that.

Learn how to get root access to your mobile device and try your best to move to an "Open Source" and bloatware free OS like LineageOS.

Never use Google Play or Play Services craps. They are spying on you!!! Try F-Droid & AuroraStore.

This is the first time I actually spent time to learn about mastodon & it drastically changed my views on how a social network should operate.

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I wiped my dual booted machine and installed Linux a year ago as a challenge. Only had experience with Windows only proprietary software. It's been the best year of my life. I feel sorry for those who claim free software are less superior.

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@optimuspnj Because it's rare, and fun, to be able to practice an actual utopia.

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So, mastodon.social users, once again I have tweaked hashtag autocomplete code.

If a hashtag has been reviewed by staff, you'll get autocomplete for it when you only start typing.

If it has not been reviewed, you'll only get autocomplete once you type the whole thing.

Please let me know how you find this system and the quality of results.


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