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HELLO, my name is Iris Jay and I've been posting comics online for a little over a decade now. I'm a full-time freelance cartoonist and illustrator, but in my free time I also enjoy cooking, reading and thrift store diving.

My queer cyberpunk webcomic: crossedwires.irisjay.net

My old supernatural religious webcomic that folks still like: epiphany.irisjay.net

My podcast with @itsnero :



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Dotsies is a font that compresses the Latin alphabet down to dots that can be read quickly (and learned quickly too, apparently). There are a few lessons on the homepage to get started


There's a touch of here in that I wonder if this is the beginning of transforming text to human readable barcodes

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via birdsite: “Coming from Iron Circus Comics and @itsnero in 2019: You've been asking, so we're delivering: THE POORCRAFT COOKBOOK! A whole volume, dedicated to penny-pinchin' cookery, from an absolute expert! twitter.com/ironcircuscomix/st

y’all got no idea how pumped I am for this!!

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FULL CONFESSION: I went back to Tootle for my Mastodon app. They just gave so many customizable FEATURES on it!!!

ALL OF Y'ALL WHO ARE GOING TO FC: i've been thinking of organizing a weekend-long.... game. A game of stealth and subterfuge, of cunning and conniving. If you're interested in participating, hit me up for details and I'll contact you privately.

you know what'd be the shit though? if there was a sniper rifle that, like. exploded or something?????? woooooowwwww

come join my 24-hour extra life stream where i run through the entirety of Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel while constantly bitching about it. no i will not be playing it co-op. nobody deserves to bear the burden of me staring at two slightly different statistic cards for five minutes and going "hmmm... hmmmmm...."

all proceeds will go towards making dead-ass sure sick kids never receive any borderlands title as a gift, ever, thus nourishing and enriching their lives