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Iris Jay @irisjaycomics

@zebratron2084 @egypturnash alright, fair enough! Did you want to talk thru email or chat or what?

@Ferrovore LOOK, I'VE READ THROUGH EVERYTHING YOU'VE WRITTEN ABOUT YOUR SONS, I *KNOW*. the problem is i kind of want to draw them more now

ART TIME: did this piece as my long-overdue half of a trade with @Ferrovore, of her orc character Sarouth! Had a lot of fun with this one!

(Incidentally, if you're not familiar with who the heck this is: … mmmmmmaybe you've got some reading to do)

@ohnoproblems i've thought about this so damn much w/r/t robot bodies and i know, i just KNOW, that we're going to have to keep all the Elon Musk types from making cybernetics a luxury exclusively for ultra-rich fuckos and people who kill for money

@ohnoproblems this is literally the only place i post in detail about media now, because 1. less randos and 2. I don't get as self-conscious here about seeming like anything less than a 100% art-all-the-time machine

@Ferrovore personally i'm glad we're finally moving away from "retro pixel look" and into "retro low-polygon 3D look", because THAT shit is way easier to gussy up as cool and/or so bad it's cool

@Ferrovore see like, i only enjoy pixel graphics when they make zero attempt to bear any resemblance to How Games Actually Looked Back Then, because they're a weird earmark for "we don't have to give a shit about accuracy"

see: Hyper Light Drifter, Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor, mmmmpartial credits for Hotline Miami since i think they could've pushed it a little further

@Ferrovore RIGHT, EXACTLY, and flowers are beautiful no matter what dirt they grow in so it's no biggie. i just wish people would cultivate stuff a little more elaborate than just grass, if you get my drift

@Ferrovore also i'm five thousand years old and my sense of humor is a shriveled grey fossil

@Ferrovore I absolutely agree! And like... I have a lot of the same opinions about "generic joke fantasy" as i do with "generic joke superhero" stuff these days, in that, like, homies, people were publishing goofs on this shit in like the sixties, let's calm down

@Ferrovore elves are the new clowns in that i literally know of zero people who think they're cool as a species