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The Magicians, lewd Show more

The Magicians, lewd Show more

The Magicians, lewd Show more

The Magicians, lewd Show more

in one hand: glowing orb with swirling text that reads "pridefest was essentially a state fair with better music, a smattering of queer activism and a dope craft fair"

in the other: another glowing orb that reads "pridefest is sellout bullshit designed for straight people to gawk at while eating carnival food and feeling better about themselves"

i smash the orbs together to attempt to fuse them into one complex opinion. sparks fly. ozone crackles. my hands melt the fuck off

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Boost this Toot if you'd
• fuck ur fursona OR
• hug ur fursona OR
• punch ur fursona in the face OR
• punch ur fursona in the ass

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suicide prevention / US Show more

@Ferrovore also hey are you on Tgram bc i just drank some coffee and i wanted to talk about Yes And stuff a lil

it is OF COURSE way faster than 95% of all women's shoes, but there's a depressing commentary on misogyny in the gaming industry that i'm a little too out of it to really put a point on rn

sonic's shoes shouldn't be loafers. the loafer is a shitshow of a shoe. it is the least fast men's shoe outside of, like, flip flops

yesterday a friend of mine told me to turn my Birdsona Super Thread ( into an illustrated zine for the fall and frankly that's the best idea i've heard all week. this shit is blowing UP

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"iris... i want to do an anthology of bl comics all based on carly rae jepsen songs off of emotion"

@irisjaycomics : "...that is THE most trans millennial thing i've heard, ever."


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could there possibly be a more asinine buzzword to describe luxury apartments than "Collection"? like: hey property managers, you didn't COLLECT anything. you built this overpriced shithole all by yourselves