Pinned toot NEW CROSSED WIRES UPDATE IS LIVE and shit is getting a little too real on multiple levels. Why are those creepy twins here? Why do Asp and Adder seem to know them? And will anyone PLEASE just shut Mickee up?

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HELLO, my name is Iris Jay and I've been posting comics online for a little over a decade now. I'm a full-time freelance cartoonist and illustrator, but in my free time I also enjoy cooking, reading and thrift store diving.

My queer cyberpunk webcomic:

My old supernatural religious webcomic that folks still like:

My podcast with @itsnero :



i may have tooted this already but i just really want an action game with skateboarding involved somehow

if the Fortuna update of Warframe lets you do Tony Hawk skate tricks on the hoverboards i'm basically never playing another game again, just gonna throw that out there

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i get people being like "but why do these lady aliens have mammaries" in certain contexts but i hate it in contexts that would like, lead to people with breasts straight up just not being cast in scifi shows lmao

the #meatpunks season finale includes:
* cosmic horror aesthetics
* beating up a chaser
* a new @visager song
* Hackers (1995) fanfiction
* gay feelings
* weird dreams
* life-changing realizations
* the username "yiffpower69"

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i also love that they felt the need to explain how non-human mascots work. like, the concept of anthropomorphism. as if this is a revolutionary concept new to mascots

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trebuchet terfs
but like
one of those faulty trebuchets that just slings them directly down into the ground at 150 mph

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