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my smut account which is basically the worst kept secret in the world at this point: @distressedegg

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EMERALD CITY... IS NOT OCCURRING THIS WEEKEND. But that doesn't mean you can't snag some sweet stuff at the new, improved Iris Jay Shop! Featuring the new zine MONSTROUS LOVE and some other PDFs and merch that I hadn't put up on there yet! WOW!!

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COOL NEWS: As part of my annual New Year's Day portfolio update, I've re-uploaded EILEEN QUINN. It's now free to read in its entirety, for good this time!

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ALSO JUST A REMINDER: Issue 1 of is complete! You can read the whole thing from start to finish for free at! And $5 patrons can check out my zine's behind-the-scenes feature on it at!

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FYI: wikibooks has a huge free cookbook with tons of recipes. You can learn about different cultural cuisines and see recipes for those as well. For example, there is a section for Native American cuisine.

@irisjaycomics I read your comic and it's real good
03.13 was a particular big mood
although I guess, the themes of finding connections with other people to build oneself, and to help the building of others...
I wonder how these individuals would have developed had the chance encounters that brought them into contact, not happened

and then there's the whole kermuddle with hiding your beliefs/self to lie low in the eyes of the system vs going loud and risking becoming the system's target

LB: watched the first ep of Onyx Equinox the other day and it's super cool and good looking! especially recommended if, like me, you like adult fantasy animation but are kind of sick of it always taking place in Vaguely Sort Of Europe, Vaguely Sort Of China, or Definitely Precisely This One Exact Year In Japan

Iโ€™m curious! If youโ€™ve seen it, what was your favorite part of #OnyxEquinox episode 1?


RATSTATUS: Murmur is getting better! Her current favorite activities are 1. munching on kale and 2. letting us know how much she hates wearing her bandage

hurry up and stick me in a robot body so i can just plug myself in when i'm at home instead of relying on..... Substances

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this is why i never, ever want to try cocaine. i feel like i will enjoy it TOO much

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got our monthly shipment from Raven's Brew Coffee in and tried their Double Dead blend, a version of their classic Deadman's Reach roast with twice as much caffeine in it. after four days of weak substitutes for real coffee, i feel alert, refreshed, vivacious, and eager to attack work in a way i haven't felt in months. kind of terrified re: what might happen if i have a second cup later today

transphobia but as a bit 

โ€œIโ€™ve tried all the genders and all sex. Gay, straight, transgembers, none binary. And frankly, Iโ€™m pretty sure love is love, and gay rights, and if I want to spy on this pervert freako queer and figure out their bIrTh GeNdEr with my zillion dollar surveillance network I won by being good at Pac-Man, then Iโ€™m well within my moral and ethical right to do so. Goonies never say die!โ€

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periodic reminder that if you like Ready Player Onโ€” er, Two, you might also like my scrappy queer youth hacker webcomic Crossed Wires:

and if you DONโ€™T like Ready Player Two, youโ€™ll probably like Crossed Wires even more

when this pandemic is over... i would like to pet a horse and feed it treats once again

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my dad used to own a share in a racehorse named Sigint and, while the world of horse racing is basically a way for well-off idiots to throw their money into a big furnace, i did like getting to pet and feed peppermints to the horses when they were chilling in their stable. horses are good animals and don't deserve the rap they get sometimes

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I mean this in a positive way. Itโ€™s delightful. Also god the title typography design is so good, this shit belongs on a rave flyer

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started into Outlaw Star earlier tonight, and hey: that show was made in 1998 and is the perfect example of an anime made in 1998

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