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Looking for the perfect gift for that special hacker/supervillain/gender criminal in your life? I've got a sale running in my shop for the next four weeks! 20% off clearance merch, plus $5 off any regular merch purchase of $30 or more!

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other webcomic:
spicy webcomic with @itsnero
charity d&d livestream:
my smut account which is basically the worst kept secret in the world at this point: @distressedegg

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COOL NEWS: As part of my annual New Year's Day portfolio update, I've re-uploaded EILEEN QUINN. It's now free to read in its entirety, for good this time!

UPDATE: yeah fuck it, I’m tired and I still need to wash clothes and help nero with tamales. also I like sitting inside our nice cool apartment. NEXT TIME THO. also I may still head out later for Evening Fun

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hanging out at pridefest today was fun but I’m weighing whether I want to go back out tonight for the dyke march

PROS: I’m Dyke
CONS: Legs Hurt

A rooster whos just into everyone and a secretary bird !!! Who else could that remind me of than @irisjaycomics

the really fucked thing is i think i got out of Crimes of the Future what most people seemed to get out of The Matrix Resurrections, which i guess speaks to how my tastes have shifted over time

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personal thoughts on the ending, spoilers 

i think the fact that Saul eventually figures out that he can eat plastic might be kind of a commentary on how creativity doesn't exist in a vacuum, and how we're affected by the legacy we create and the interference ripples that legacy causes around us. the act of yanking our ideas out of ourselves and showing them off to the world does not leave us unscarred, but we often only understand their true significance when we see them reflected in others

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crimes of the future is horny, sexy and gross, but the thing i like the most about it is that it's basically a movie about being an old guy known for doing The One Thing and people bugging you about doing The One Thing a lot, and imitating The One Thing you do, and meanwhile you're just like "man what the shit is going on with me"

uspol, psa 

please do not post about crimes you are thinking about committing even if you are joking

i am not trying to be the fun police, people in places like FL have been arrested for social media posts in the past, please stay safe

New Split Check pages are up! Is it? Is it really?

Read the most recent pages over at or join me over on Patreon ( ) to get started!

( #nsfw #mastoart #art #webcomics )

and yet so many people i know continue to have awful taste, how strange

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there are also a lot of good books out right now but those are slightly easier to engage with. also a lot of good comics. plus good music. we kind of live in the midst of an irritating wealth of quality entertainment

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there are a lot of good games out right now and i have very little time to actually play them while also doing other, more engaging life things

i kept seeing this terrible boomer tshirt on ads and was like 'you know with a little modification, that could be a great shirt for me, personally'

maybe its great for some of my brothers out there too

happy pride

personally i've been trying to read more Intense books lately to act as a way to leaven my brain from reading a Discworld book every month. gotta keep Terry's writing style, delightful as it is, from wearing a groove in my brain

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