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HELLO, my name is Iris Jay and I've been posting comics online for a little over a decade now. I'm a full-time freelance cartoonist and illustrator, but in my free time I also enjoy cooking, reading and thrift store diving.

My queer cyberpunk webcomic:

My old supernatural religious webcomic that folks still like:

My podcast with @itsnero :




please read my comics. i don't have an original witty spin to put on this. they're just hard to make and i'm real proud of them

also just to part the kimono for a sec 

i am glad everyone likes alan's little 8> face. y'all are gonna hate me when you find out what he's smiling about

Bigotry isn't ok just because it's directed at a horrible person. Be careful about who you're hurting in the process


Today's update is: explaining what Shelley's job is.

Read my which I promise will never be a mid-00s motion comic.

food, self-harm but it's goofy joke there's a Kill Six Billion Demons original character tournament kicking off

and there's just the tiniest itch in the back of my brain

but thankfully i have WAY too many obligations right now to even entertain the thought of entering an OCT. it has been LITERALLY A DECADE since i've had that kind of time. it's way too much work to just give out for free, and i don't have room in my schedule, and besides, i can just BUY three signed copies of K6BD off Abbadon at ECCC

✨Transformed! Update - Ch 5 Pg 16✨

this week: ...H-hewwo???

Transformed! is a wild, trans magical boy adventure! Read from the beginning:

get yourself a fursona you can be proud to show off. fursonas are like show cars or really fancy cats. they deserve to be appreciated

[pieces 3 and 4 by and @fluxom_art]

reminder that my fursona is a secretary bird and they fuckin slap, they're legit the coolest birds

mastodon is a deep dark dank cave and we're all living in it, hissing like little goblins and laughing maniacally

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