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HELLO, my name is Iris Jay and I've been posting comics online for a little over a decade now. I'm a full-time freelance cartoonist and illustrator, but in my free time I also enjoy cooking, reading and thrift store diving.

My queer cyberpunk webcomic:

My old supernatural religious webcomic that folks still like:

My podcast with @itsnero :



Also forgot about this piece from my Tokyo 2010 ashcan. We drew a bunch of animals at Ueno Zoo, and apparently I was just SUPER PSYCHED about secretary birds. I Wonder If That Ever Went Anywhere

Hello everyone, thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to sharing my new works here!

this is why i'd be a shit cultist in real life. i talk big game about Ruthlessly Pursuing Unknowable Truths, but when the chips are down, it's hard to stick that ceremonial dagger where it counts

like, i felt guilty when i forgot to visit my villagers in Animal Crossing, how am i supposed to feel about "murder your effervescent socialite friend to open your third eye to the naked terror of the metaverse"

really looking forward to the cultist simulator people's next game about being a librarian in an occult library, because 1. that's literally my dream job and 2. cult sim is very fun but i got kind of wigged out by the "Stave Off The Ever-Present Specters Of Madness, Poverty And Death" mechanic

New giclee prints and postcards available in the shop today! I usually only do these in small batches for conventions/shows, so get em while they’re in stock.

( #nsfw #mastoart #art #smallbusiness )

it's fitness time 

a thing i see people doing sometimes is stereotyping bigots as ugly, unintelligent, etc, and there are two reasons i think we should avoid doing that

1. it splash damages onto people who also fall into those categories. saying β€˜haha, person X is racist, they probably have a tiny dick’ only works if you’re implying that having a tiny dick is bad, and that’s body-shaming even if you’re being Woke about it
2. it sets up the contrapositive: if bigoted people are ugly and unintelligent, then smart or attractive people can’t be bigoted. and that’s obviously false and a dangerous thing to believe.

Siri access big floppy goth hat. Siri load up all technical schematics for 3D printing a big floppy goth hat

I'm opening up commissions for the summer - including Ice Cream portraits back at their normal price of $30! DM me to order or get a quote, or check out my commissions page at:


I love me some trans pride, but having two very similar looking icons isn’t doing me any favors here

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