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HELLO, my name is Iris Jay and I've been posting comics online for a little over a decade now. I'm a full-time freelance cartoonist and illustrator, but in my free time I also enjoy cooking, reading and thrift store diving.

My queer cyberpunk webcomic: crossedwires.irisjay.net

My old supernatural religious webcomic that folks still like: epiphany.irisjay.net

My podcast with @itsnero :



i love concerts but also i got no patience for this

jesus wept, Fever Ray like JUST announced a show at the Showbox here in Seattle TODAY and ALREADY tickets are sold out

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eternally taking a closer look at that snout. in perpetuity. forever youtu.be/k2mFvwDTTt0

two months out from our DINK denver trip and already i'm pregaming my fuckin Celestial Seasonings factory store shopping spree. I'M GONNA GET SO MANY DISCOUNT TEAS YOU HAVE NO GOD DAMN IDEA

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eve said she hadn't seen bayonetta 2 played through so whoops i'm playing through bayonetta 2 again

pilotside.us/comic/fosch11/ The last chapter of my online graphic novel is up! One of four updates that were actually on time.
Read the whole thing here: pilotside.us/comic/trifuffle-f

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Today in "let's make fun of corporate design choices" Show more

important question: if you were a mer-person-- like half person, half marine animal-- what would the bottom half be. go

you, a massive twit: hot dogs are a type of sandwich

me, an ascended intellectual: reubens are a type of banh mi

Cyberpunk is a genre about world full of neon light's, and synthesizer anbd, motorcycle

cleaned up my TL a little but hey: that CYBREMONDAY toot I boosted also has info about submitting essays and projects to feature in the zine! folks doing work at the modern intersection of identity and technology should give it a peep.